COHASSET (CBS) – A Porsche stolen from an underage drinking party in Cohasset was found at a motel in Foxboro early Sunday morning.

Cohasset Police say they found several teens with beer cans, liquor and a keg of beer at the party on King Street at around 2:30 a.m.

Thirty minutes later, police were alerted that a 2010 Porsche Panamera was stolen from the home. The car was unlocked and had the keys still inside when it was taken, officers said.

When police registered the Porsche as stolen, they discovered it had been involved in two hit-and-run crashes on I-95 in Attleboro and later tracked it down to a motel in Foxboro. The car had extensive damage to the front end.

There, police determined that a drunk 19-year-old had attempted to check into the motel but was denied.  He was taken into custody by Foxboro Police. Authorities are now attempting to connect the 19-year-old to the stolen Porsche using forensic evidence.

Seven other teens were arrested and charged in connection with the party. Officers said they expect to make more arrests in the near future.

Comments (2)
  1. emom says:

    Oh how nice ,,, yet another under age DRINKING PARTY , and this time one of those teens took a car drove it , damaged other cars .. oh this is just wonderful,,,, and some say lower the age for drinking.. clearly that would never work,, since one they cant handle drinking as is…and two they cant handle a vehicle while drink… Oh and the true owner of the porsche , wonder if its a paernt, will be forgiving and say they were just having fun…… cant wait ti hear this onw…. when will anyone get a clue…..

  2. sean says:

    can we get an explanation as to why the yale appliance van in the background was impounded??

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