BOSTON (CBS) – Mayor Tom Menino is filing an emergency petition with the Federal Communications Commission seeking authority to regulate the cost of basic cable TV service in the city.

“We get them regulated, they’ll be managed much better,” Menino told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Monday.

“The problem we have is they’re unregulated and whatever they want to charge they can charge. We’re asking the FCC to really look at this issue and try and protect the consumers in Boston.”

The mayor decided to take action after Comcast hiked the cost for its lowest tier of service more than 60-percent over the past three years.

Menino said he’s asked Comcast several times to look at this issue, but “they continue to ignore us.”

Comcast declined to comment to the Boston Globe over the weekend, because it had not seen the petition.

Menino also told WBZ Verizon was an option to compete with Comcast, but it chose not to come to Boston.

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  1. Pete says:

    I agree that the cable companies are raising prices at a rediculaous rate but as long as people keep paying them for the luxery of having 500 channels they will keep pushing the limits. They are a private company and can charge whatever the market will bear. If enough cancellations come in they will get the message. It is called free enterprise. As for me, i am happy with the FREE off-air TV.

  2. emom says:

    Basic cable is like $0 to $60 dollars,,, and most of the channels are news , sports or networks that sell stuff…. and they change their pricesever so often…. OH and the foolish taxes they add on… LIKE some are even a real charge… some I think are made up charges…like processing fees , look at your bill and how they tell us what the fees are ,,,since when is a MISCELLANEOUS charge ok and what is it and why is it every month… regulate themm not just here but across the country

    1. robkil says:

      Like the taxes the City of Boston charges on those bills? If the Mayor is serious how about reducing the taxes he (the city) is charging you for the service?

  3. --Rick says:

    The question that should have been asked, but was not, was why would Verizon choose not to compete for Boston’s market? Is it because they lack the infrastructure to price competitively, or is it because Boston, via Mayor Menino, is too hostile an environment for business?

  4. Wins says:

    I had planned on contacting Comxast on increasing my basic cable bill without informing me as a customer of any pending increase. Menino is right, this is like the third price i increase in the last two or so years. Comcast should not be allowed to operate as a monopoly as it seems to be doing. Get some competition.

  5. DP says:

    Your beloved mayor will only allow Verizon to offer Fios in Boston only if they can have fiber in every household within a very short time frame or be fined heavily.So you have to deal with Comcast until someone less hostile is in charge even though many parts of the city is already Fios ready.

  6. Check it out says:

    Yay!!! This is great all the cities of mass need to regulate this! Comcast has had out of control prices for awhile now. They charge us an arm and a leg for just letting some cable tv travel over some wires? I pay far more for comcast then i do for electric which is crazy in itself. Good luck Menino!

  7. msw says:

    I believe most of MA (if not all) can get RCN cable instead of Comcast however the rates are about the same. My fear is that if basic cable is regulated will Comcast just pass the revenue they’re losing onto those of us that have a bundled service (cable, internet and phone)??

  8. Sick of comcast says:

    As many Bostonians have been asking “why is Verizon cable not allowed in Boston”? Comcast is charging a fortune to customers in Boston to people who want just Internet and cable and households are paying approximately $150.00 per month for these 2 services and “no pay channels included”!!!! Comcast had no problem charging us Bostonians all these high monthly rates because there is no other cable company for them to compete with in this area!!!!!
    FYI- if you look at the on demand list of movies to order on Comcast you will notice one price for digital tv and it is a higher fee to rent the movie in HD??????
    Why is there two different rates when everyone already pays extra for hd box and hd service????
    It’s about time Comcast is told to lower their rates cause they are ripping people off every single day!!!
    I hope that Verizon cable is allowed to provide cable in Boston and all the surrounding areas they have not been allowed to as it’s time for Comcast to wake up and smell the coffee!!!!

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