ROXBURY (CBS) – A woman celebrating Mother’s Day fell when her porch collapsed in Roxbury on Sunday.

Angela Giudice was out on the porch at her Aspen Street home when it collapsed. She fell straight down with part of the porch crashing down on top of her.

Angela’s wife said she was about to start up the grill for lunch with their 16-year-old son.

The porch was only 12 years old and the owners said it had been inspected.

Angela was taken to the hospital, but her wife said she did not appear to have any broken bones.

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  1. emom says:

    I am so glad she is ok,,, BUT the owner of the home needs to look into that inspectors inspection…. Its apparent that they did not look at the joints or even if there was any rot… How many of these will happen … We had a few last year.. someone needs to investigate this…..

  2. a person says:

    SHE is the owner of the house

  3. emom says:

    Sorry the story does not SPECIFY that she is the owner ,,, its says,,, THE OWNER HAD IT INSPECTED,,,, and besides,, I said the inspector dropped the ball and should be inspected.. The home owner HIRED someome to looke at it…

    1. pamm says:

      The other person who wrote “SHE is the owner of the house” is CORRECT!
      It’s a matter of public record who owns property. All you have to do is go on, select Suffolk County, under “name” search, put in her name (Angela Giudice) & click on her name…and there it is…..3 Aspen Street.
      It ALSO lists her partner’s name (Nia-Sue Mitchum) as well. So, AS THE OWNERS, THEY SHOULD HAVE KEPT UP WITH THE REPAIRS/MAINTENANCE OF THEIR PROPERTY!! This is NO one’s fault but their own! Not to mention A grill on a porch????!!!! Furthermore, the house/property is a WRECK! You can see that they don’t take care of their property. Don’t believe me? Google 3 Aspen Street, Roxbury, MA 02119. You’ll see a clear pic of the property….A MESS!!!

    2. Pamm says:

      Forgot 1 more thing: Yes, the article did say “the owner had it inspected”…but…
      that was TWELVE YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to SEE rotten wood…and, why wouldn’t you do any maintenance on your porch since 12 years ago?!!! WHATEVER! GET A CLUE!

  4. Pegg says:

    Anyone come to realize that she was about to lite the grill. Grilling on a pourch is agianst the law! I am glad she is ok though.

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