BOSTON (CBS) – Savin Hill MBTA station was the scene of a deadly shooting Saturday afternoon.

Boston police tell WBZ-TV a fight broke out on the platform after 2 p.m. Witnesses told officers that several people went after one person.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports.

At one point, someone pulled a gun, and shot and killed that victim.

That victim had not yet been identified.

A short time later, witnesses saw five people fitting the suspects’ descriptions enter a home on Savin Hill.

Officers took them into custody for questioning. But as of 5:30 p.m. Saturday, no charges had been filed.

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  1. Susann says:

    I live nearby and when driving out of the neighborhood I was so impressed to see about 15 police & transit police cars in the noted area at 3:30 or so. The response was immense and made me feel safer living here. That house always appears to have less than desirable tenants & gang hanging out on the front porch. This should send a message though.
    Thank you Boston Police!

    1. Cynic says:

      How often do you see Police in the area when no one is ahot?

      1. Cynic says:

        I meant “Shot”



    1. Concerned neighbor says:

      SO sad!! As Susann said that house always seems to have characters hanging outside and the BPD is there several times a week as posted in their crime updates…where is the landlord? When is this going to stop??…So sorry for your loss!

  3. ANA says:


  4. Jesse says:

    robert im very sorry for your loss, I knew your son very well he was like a brother to me and no one can ever replace him. I met you once before when he took me over to your house I would like to get in contact please email me

  5. James says:

    land lords are afriad to say any thing or do anything in fear of thier own lives,they can’t even pick up their own rent checks in fear of there lives from this type of tenant.
    I also live in the Savin Hill community and want to live in a safe environment,we need to all band together and STOP the crimes from happening here….
    Just call the police every time you see anything!create a police presence!
    They hate the police!we pey for the police with our tax dollars,bring them to your neighborhood.
    We are so sorry for this senseless crime.

  6. High Jass says:

    Those are section 8 houses, the landlord is a loaded moneybag in Weston who owns several properties like that one, gets a nice fat check from the city every month and couldn’t care less about what goes on at the house. Below is his contact information:

    My Van Nguyen
    70 Meadowbrook Rd
    Weston, MA 02493-2406
    (781) 647-9227

    1. victor c. says:

      this was my friend he was a good kid didnt deserve any of this

  7. 503 says:

    Sorry for the loss. But why are we blaming the landlord? That sounds kind of stupid to me. This liberal mindset where its everyone elses fault but the people responsible it out of control. The city/state pays out millions each year for section 8 housing without having much protocol or supervision. If I owned a 2 or 3 family home and could be guaranteed a monthly check, I would do the same thing. The alternative is renting to the same people, and having them stiff you month after month.

  8. Savin Hill dad says:

    Has the person in custody been charged for this?

  9. Concerned neighbor says:

    Not as of yet….I was at the scene as I live in the neighborhood and I watched them take 7 males into custody but they said nobody has been charged YET! And to the person who asked “Why are we blaming the landlord”?….we are not blaming him for the shooting itself we are blaming him for allowing these people to conduct illegal activity at that house day in and day out and doing NOTHING to hold his tenants accountable. it’s no coincidence that the police found these men in the same house that they get called to several times a week!

  10. anon says:

    That’s not a section 8 house, it’s a dump owned by a slumlord (My Van Nguyen on Weston, MA) who also owns a bunch of similar run-down houses on dot ave and rents them out to thugs, most likely for cash, while dragging down property values for the entire neighborhood. We have every right to blame him, hope the feds get him for tax evasion.

  11. Jane Crump says:

    Today is not about landlord, houses, neighborhoods or even people who are so depleted of humanity that they could create this violence. Today it is about parents, siblings, family and friends who are morning the death of a young man. Today is not a day to cast stones, and it is too late for what if. Today is a day for compassion a day to be a help in time of trouble.

  12. jake says:

    very annoying that ther have been no news updates or arrests

    1. Savin Hill Dad says:

      Yes, why is there no follow up to what has happened?
      There were T videos..did they catch the incident?
      There were witnesses..did anyone ID the guy?
      what happened to the peiople who were taken in for questioning?
      What happened to the 7 young men followed to the house?


      1. Savin Hill MOM says:

        The young men taking in for questioning have no involvement in the shooting. They were simply at Savin Hill Station when the shooting occured and ran after hearing gun shots. This should not be about the landlord this should be about the cowards that took a young life. RIP Derek

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