WEST BRIDGEWATER (CBS) — A man involved in a high-speed state police chase on Route 24 South Friday afternoon was taken down by a police dog behind a Park-and-Ride in West Bridgewater.

The chase started shortly before 2 p.m. in the Boston area after Boston police ran the plates of the suspect’s pickup truck and found he was wanted for armed robbery. State police identified the suspect as William Monopoli, 26, of Boston. Monopoli took off and Boston police started chasing him. As the truck got onto I93 South, officers stopped and state police picked up the pursuit.

WBZ-TV’s Jonathan Elias reports on the chase

State police continued the chase onto I95 and then Route 24, at points, the chase reached speeds above 80 miles an hour. Police say Monopoli tried to ram several cruisers on that stretch of road.  Eventually, Monopoli got off an exit for Route 106 West. One other vehicle was hit during the pursuit. After getting off on the exit his truck crashed and the suspect got out and started running.

WEB EXTRA: Watch raw video of the chase

Trooper Timothy Blackwell and his K-9 partner Jager caught up with him.  Jager tackled him with officers placing him in handcuffs.

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williammonopoli High Speed Chase Ends With Crash, K 9 Tackle In West Bridgewater

This mug shot of William Monopoli is from Brevard County, Florida when Monopoli was arrested there in 2006.

While the pick up truck was on Route 24 he could be seen swerving between lanes and passing several dozen other vehicles, including many school buses.

State police say Monopoli was wanted on several warrants for armed robbery. They also say he was high on heroin during the chase.

Read: State Police Pursuit Policy

Monopoli was arrested in Brevard County, Florida in 2006 on several outstanding warrants out of Massachusetts and Virginia.

Those charges include battery on a law enforcement officer, vehicle theft, and fugitive from justice.

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez has more on the chase and the driver

According to records in Stafford County, Virginia, Monopoli was arrested there in 2008. He was sentenced to 10 years with all but six months suspended and indefinite probation with supervision.

Comments (29)
  1. JT says:

    Awesome job by the state police and their K-9 unit.
    In my opinion, should have let the dog have another moment or two with the suspect.

  2. Kevin Connery says:

    what a good dog!

  3. Kevin Connery says:

    good dog!

  4. Patricia Stucenski says:

    Great job byt he K-9 Unit. My brotehr is a State Trooper K-9 Unit in Springfeild and those dogs are just amazing.

  5. allison says:

    haha sucka!!!

  6. Cheryl says:

    I was on 24N on my way to work aorund 1:30pm and I counted 17 state police cruisers driving with their lights flashing ans sirens going on 24S after this guy. Did they really need 17 cruisers to go after this 1 guy????? Glad they got him before he killed or injured someone though.

    1. areyoukiddingme? says:

      Ya, they only should have sent one or two after him! We need to cut costs somewhere!

  7. Marie MacDonald says:

    Good work by the police dog. He got him in the end.

  8. rick says:

    To the suspect, Mr. Monopoli, “go directly to Jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

  9. eddwal50 says:

    I was on the expressway i counted at leadt 15 ploice cars a mix of state and boston police driving fast with lights and sirens on

  10. Jordan Monopoli says:

    that’s my brother! WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!! glad he’s put away.

    1. Jessica MacFarlane says:

      Hahaha Jordan, you’re so proud. I always knew your brother was a psycho, thank God I turned him down! He deserves to be in there for a LONG ass time.

  11. tjgj says:

    We saw chase on the expressway and saw him hit a vehicle, very scary in all that traffic. Thank you State Police and the K9 Dog who took him down!! Keep up the good work!

  12. Jane Logan says:

    Another reckless high speed chase. I contacted the State Police after the chase from Mansfield to Cape Cod, no response. Now I WILL make a formal request for their high sped chase proceedures. I hope the innocent person hit wasn’t hur.

    1. Catherine says:

      Their procedure was actually on the news earlier.

    2. ljg says:

      We can fix that very easily. Maybe the Police should stop trying to catch anyone, just let them go like the courts do. We can just use the honor system.

  13. Tom says:

    Looks like the K-9 wanted a bigger piece of the perp. nice to see that this was handled safely and professionally! Nice job Troopers!

  14. TinCambridge says:

    AWW YEAH!!! Great job by the Staties!!!….although why deprive the K9 of his newly found chew toy?!?!?!

  15. TinCambridge says:

    FYI to BZ….the pop up ads on this site are annoying as Hell!! The new site is slow and sluggish, a total nuisance! ARGH!!!

    sorry, worst local news site!….fire your web designer!

    1. JS says:

      I agree completely…STOP THE POP UPS OR I’M GOING TO WCVB!

      1. Quizplz says:

        Why not use a pop up blocker? They are built right into most browsers and smart phones. I haven’t seen a pop up in eight years.

  16. p2 says:

    That dog should get a judicial appointment. He should be a judge: Judge Jager. With all the crimes this guy has committed, why was he released from prison?

  17. tom says:


  18. Len says:

    I was driving from New Hampshire that afternoon headed for Rt 24 and had just turned onto Rt 128 from the SE Expressway when I passed two State Police cruisers parked off of the highway.I was driving in the second lane when I saw in my rear view mirror a truck approaching at a great rate of speed in the third lane. As there was no place for him to go but in front of me I applied my brakes to slow down. Even so he was very close when he cut in front of me headed for the passing lane.From there he cut back over to fhe third lane and kept going.
    I said to my wife, where are the cops when you see a driver do that…and then as I approached Rt 24 they came. I would guess at least 15 cruisers, but a previous writer said 17. As I watched them come up behind me and go by most of the motorest pulled over. I did have one person in a Van prevent me from pulling in front of him so i had to brake and pull in behind.
    i also saw a car in the passing lane on Rt 24 not move over and the cruiser had to drive around him in the center strip sending up a great cloud of dust.
    When I turned off of Rt 24 to head East on Rt 106 I saw all of the cruisers with there lights flashing at the crash scene. The fact that there was apparently only one car damaged (other than the truck) during this high speed chase points out to me the allertness of the drivers on the road that day afternoon to what was going on around them.
    Great to see the video of the chase on the 5:00 o:clock news with the driver taken out by the Star of the K9 Unit.

  19. Lisa Monopoli says:

    May williams now deceased mother burn in hell for eternity she used to chain him up to the doghouse and other things that can’t be mentioned. He had no chance for a normal life. His law-abiding family has tried to help him on many occasions, but the damage was already done. Our prayers go out to the police & dog that caught him. Our prayers go out to william, may he accept the help he has so needed. Our family is thankful that no one was hurt during the pursuit & that justice is now being done. We all love him, though he’s acting like an idiot. William this is not the book I wanted you to write.

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