By Bill Shields

YARMOUTH (CBS) – A Yarmouth selectman is taking some heat for pulling out a fake gun during a town meeting.

“What I’m about to take out is fake, okay? So don’t get nervous,” Veteran Selectman Bud Groskopf said before reaching into his briefcase.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields reports

Groskopf wanted to drive home his point, so he pulled out the air-soft pistol and pointed it at his head.

He claims the Conservation Law Foundation is essentially putting a gun to the heads of Yarmouth residents over a town wastewater project.

Fake gun or not, Groskopf’s antics still upset a lot of people.

Police later confiscated the air-soft pistol.

Groskopf defended his actions today. “It’s not something you do in school, but I made it clear this was a toy,” he said. I feel duty-bound to let the people know what is going on.”

Groskoff also suggested his two opponents were behind much of the uproar over the incident.

Comments (6)
  1. Jim Haines says:

    If one of the selectmen did that in my town, the cops would have been on him faster then flies on garbage. Is he out of his mind???? Toy or not, he could have given someone a heart attack. He owes the Yarmouth TM an apology.!

  2. Anon says:

    He said it’s fake, it was fake. People are idiots.

  3. blackbear1 says:

    As a very responsible gun owner, who follws every rule and law, considers safety as number one priority and is considerate of others, I am asking and wondering; what was the incident, what was he thinking? As an elected official, how could he act so recklessly and unprofessionaly? no responsible gun owner would support this type of behavior!

  4. Rob says:

    flash backs of Bud Dwyer anyone?

  5. Denise says:

    Just because he said it was fake didn’t mean it was! He’s in town government we’ve found that most everyone in any type of goverment position lies – what would make him any different than most of the nuts out there!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jim says:

    He should have known better.

    All of the Anti-Gun Zealots will use ANYTHING they can to create an uproar and I’m sure that his opponents will use this to their advantage in any way they can.

    Still, people need to quit overreacting on anything and everything they can when it comes to firearms.

    His opponents are a couple of douchbags for acting out like they did and they know that they acted like that on purpose and with intent.

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