BOSTON (CBS) – Joe Haggerty of Comcast SportsNet joined Felger, Mazz, and Wiggy at Hurricane O’Reilly’s to talk some Bruins and tonight’s Game 3 against the Philadelphia Flyers.

First, Felger and Haggs go back and forth at each other on their Bruins opinions.

What have been the keys for the Bruins in the first two games?

If the Bruins are successful this round, what kind of chance will they have next round?

Does being up 2-0 somehow put more pressure on the Bruins? How different is this years Bruins team compared to last years?

If the Bruins take Game 3, should they rest Tim Thomas? How important are the goalies to playoff hockey runs?

  1. farmer says:

    felger if you put skill before goaltending why is the red wings down 3-0? i might be partial to goalies because i was one but i put goaltending in the playoffs1 or 2 .iknow goalies cant provide much offence but they sure can frustrate a high powered offence.if you have any balls ill bet you the bruins win the cup.if they do you take me out for lunch at borques restaurant,if they lose i will give you 100 dollars worth of grass raised organic beef and pork.

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