Hi Guys……..Still in recovery mode a bit, but doing just fine.  Well things sure have been poppin’ in the world recently…..not the least of which…..”hail, hail the month of May…..Osama bin Laden is dead today.”  What a great story, no matter which one is perfectly accurate in terms of how it all came down, but our Special Forces are just that….special…. and congratulations to them for taking down one of the most vicious maniacal killers known to mankind.     And by the way……perfect……no capturing alive…..dead……the only way to go for this guy.

     I will respect, but never totally understand the reactions of some who seem to have trouble accepting the thought that a member of the U.S. Military shot this radical Muslim maggot right between the eyes and the people of this country were dancing in the streets because of it.   I’m beyond dancing in the streets for any cause, but if you don’t understand the jubilation created by the death…..yes the death….of this notorious killer, perhaps it’s time to replay the tape of the twin towers in NYC tumbling to the ground, the pictures of bin Laden smiling and laughing while it was happening….and three thousand human beings were dying in the rubble.   Yuh there’s probably something slightly twisted about shouting “Yes……Yeah” when anyone dies, but lets face it, you could say the same for “cheering” when a professional boxer nearly takes an opponents head off with a single punch, a  pro hockey player slashes at another players head with a stick, or a pro football lineman inflicts major league pain on the opposing team.      And speaking of the NFL,  Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashad Mendenhall…….yes that would be Rashad Mendenhall…..is outraged that Americans are taking so much pride in US taking down this man who never had a chance to speak.   Huh? Rashad just doesn’t get it.

     There are a lot of emotions I’m sure in circumstances such as these and I guess they all must be respected.   Try this one for example:   A guy who three years ago was the most liberal peacenik in the recent history of the U.S. Senate, stood before national cameras to announce “justice has been done”…gloating as though he did it almost singlehandedly.    UBL took two in the hat.



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