The Boston Celtics fell 99-90 to the Miami Heat in game 1. A. Sherrod Blakely spoke with Toucher & Rich about why the Celtics lost this game and what they need to do to take game 2.

They discussed some of the terrible calls by the refs in the game and how the calls really didn’t have anything to do with the loss.

They also discussed Paul Pierce getting ejected for language. Should this happen in a playoff game? Why do the refs feel the need to get so involved in games?

The guys also discussed what the Celtics need to do to win in game 2.

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  1. pdar says:

    I doubt you guys read the Wall Street Journal much, but I had to share. Thnis from an article in the sports section (yep, WSJ has one!), after the Heat beat the Celtics. Lebron James, wearing his navy polo with the logo of Liver;pool FC, is quoted as saying, “It was nights like this that I thought about when I made The Choice.” Think it’s what John Henry had in mind, too????? Beyond tone deaf.
    Mad Momma

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