By Kara Matuszewski,

BOSTON (CBS) — Boston may not be at the center of the fashion industry, but people who took part in Boston Fashion Night 2011 think the city can make a name for itself.

Boston has the big stores that New York has, said Reaz Hoque, of Synergy, the group that organized the night’s event.

“There is potential. There is a market. Someone has to take ownership and break the myth that Boston isn’t fashionable,” he said.

But in order for that to happen, he says the city needs to embrace its fashion, which is one of the reasons why he says he organized Saturday night’s event.

PICTURES: Boston Fashion Night 2011

During Boston Fashion Night, ticket holders were allowed into special parties at The Tannery, Jack Wills, Alex and Ani, and the Axelle Fine Art Galerie, which are all on Newbury Street, with the exception of The Tannery, which is on Boylston. At the art gallery vendors set up to sell their wares, including clothes, jewelry and spa services. In the other stores, shoppers were offered special deals or a gift with a purchase.

Carina Battipaglia of Alex and Ani says Boston can expand its notch in the fashion industry by continuing to have events like Saturday’s. She says it will never be New York or Los Angeles, but the city can “create its own buzz and have its own voice.”

“The price points are good in Boston,” said Battipaglia, adding that makes it easier for more people to access what they otherwise wouldn’t be able to in other cities.

Jack Wills, a new store to Newbury Street, is based in Great Britain. It calls itself the “university outfitters.”

Edward Smith, the Marketing Communication Assistant for the store, said as an emerging brand they’re very excited about what Boston has to offer.

“Events like this make more people fashion conscious,” said Smith. “They get more involved.”

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  1. Randy Williams says:

    Boston definitely has some serious potential with its fashion market. My cousin was at the Boston Fashion Night 2011 and told me they had some great styles and items that could indeed make this a wise buying haven for customer especially with the favorable price points.

    R. Williams

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