FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) — The New England Patriots have drafted quarterback Ryan Mallett of Arkansas with the 10th pick of the third round.

The Patriots have no immediate need for Mallett with Tom Brady still at the top of his game. But Mallett — who transferred from Michigan, which, of course, is Brady’s alma mater — was considered one of the best pure passers in the draft and some had projected him as a first-round pick.

At 6-feet-7 and 253 pounds, he won’t have much trouble seeing over pass rushers. But he has little running ability. In his last two seasons at Arkansas, he threw for 62 touchdowns.

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  1. Chris Ross says:

    I thought the Patriots were so smart to take Ryan Mallett. They obviously see something in the guy and with his problems he is now going to be able to learn the game in a great environment without having any pressure of starting now. Character issues or not, I’m amazed that a guy with the physical tools of Mallett could fall all the way the 74, especially when a guy like Ponder gets taken at 12. I think some teams in need of a quarterback are really going to regret it and with the pick the Pats really haven’t used much to get the guy.

    1. Joe In Little Rock says:

      New England fans are going to love Ryan Mallett. I couldn’t agree more with Chris Ross about Ponder and the teams who drafted six QB’s ahead of Mallett to regret it. The vague “character issues” which made him available to the Pats are actually just immaturity: he does have a punk persona side. But as Bill B indoctrinates over time The Patriot Way, Mallett will grow up. And what’s already there is a high football IQ – just ask ESPN analyst and Super Bowl winner Jon Gruden. Mark these words, in perhaps five years, or whenever Tom retires, Mallett will cause the media to reinvent the appellation “The Genius” to the Coach.

  2. Hog-Lew says:

    They are getting an excellent passer, can’t wait to see him develop

  3. Boston Patman says:

    Bad pick. Not because of his potential talent but because of his cult following from the hills of Arkansas. Trust me, the city of Boston will regret the day we opened ourselves up to a bunch of pig lovers. They are most delusional fan base in the country. They will be on every message board claiming Brady should be benched in favor of their hero that finally made it out of the hills.

  4. Lacy Lane says:

    OMG i have to reply to this…U people r so judgemental,its unreal. Stop and give this young man a chance you got him for almost nothing. Someday Patman you will owe the people of Arkansas an apology. Class comes from good manners and knowledge. You obviously have neither. BTW…dont let that rod slip down your back, because if u bend over you will surly show your Azz.

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