SALEM (CBS) – A Massachusetts animal shelter is pitching in to help some of the most helpless victims of the tornadoes in the south.

The Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem welcomed 38 puppies from one of the hardest hit areas of the south, Georgia.

Animal shelters are being swamped with strays from the twisters, so the Puppy Pipeline Rescue transported these pooches north to find new homes in New England.

The shelters down there are facing animals separated from their owners or their owners. Homes have been destroyed and they are pretty overwhelmend,” said Stephen Oakes, an adoption counselor at Northeast Animal Shelter.  “So, what we’ve done is to make extra space to get the puppies up here,”

The shelter will check out the health of the puppies. After that, the animals will be eligible for adoption in as little as 48 hours.

If you are interested in adopting on these dogs, the shelter’s phone number is 978-745-9888.

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  1. LisaMacPhee says:

    I heard from my mother-in-law that there was a news report that you are receiving & adopting out dogs and puppies from the tornados stricken areas. We have been searching for a month to find a puppy for ourur 5 & 1/2 year old son. We live in Claremont, NH and would love to drive down to you facility to begin an adoption process if & when we find the right dog for us.
    Please let me know when you have more information. We are very interested in adopting a puppy.
    Thank you for your time,
    Mrs. Lisa MacPhee

  2. Outraged says:

    You idiots, These people lost their homes, family members, jobs, cars,no electricity, water, they have nothing left. It hasn’t even been a week and now your shipping these dogs out of state, putting a hefty adoption fee on them and claiming their rescued. Pet owners who lost everything will never find them. Your suppose to work at reuniting these pets not kidnapping them.

    1. N/A says:

      Agreed. And nobody seems to notice that NEAS almost always takes in only puppies…no adult dogs. The only adult dogs they really do take in are from PR, not even local adult dogs that really need homes…because the little dogs from PR are more “marketable” here since everyone wants a small breed dog.

      They should work on giving back to the community and helping out like others mentioned in finding the owners of these displaced dogs rather than adopting them out for hundreds of dollars after 48 hours and a 9 hour drive.

    2. Gina says:

      i aree with you

  3. NEAS says:

    To Mrs. MacPhee from NEAS: Thanks for your interest in the puppies. We have many from Georgia, from other areas of the US and from New England. You may come in to see them anytime. We require no appointment and are open 10-8 weekdays and 10-6 weekends. The GA dogs referenced in this article were abandoned by their owners or strays. We arranged to move them up here to make room in the GA shelters for dogs that may be victims of the tornadoes.

    1. N/A says:

      And how long does the state of GA hold these puppies before claiming they are abandoned when they are in a state of crisis and people are displaced from their homes? And what will NEAS do for the adult dogs GA shelters are making room for, when their owners can’t find them after a certain time period? Those dogs will be put down. NEAS won’t take the adults because it’s spring and they’re marketing puppies.

  4. michael minghella says:

    we are looking for a older pup are there any.

  5. Nikki says:

    We live in WV. Will you be posting pics or anything about the dogs on the website.Our lab just turned 2 and we have room more.

  6. Jane Jackson says:

    Attorney representing Alabama and GEORGIA dogs is talking to this group now as dogs have been ID’d via pictures THEY ARE NOT PRE TORNADO DOGS.

  7. tracyrogersdennis says:

    I hope you return the dogs you all stole from these two states. Even good intentions can go terribly wrong.

  8. Ridgekeeper says:


  9. ridgekeeper says:

    This was the white van that went around TAKING dogs. They were reported, and no one knew who they were. THIS IS THE WHITE VAN IDENTIFIED IN ALABAMA AND GEORGIA

  10. Ridgekeeper says:


  11. Joyce says:

    Im interrested in Roey, What is the process I have to do?

  12. Lynne says:

    If I were hospitalized from a tornado, I would hope an animal shelter would hold or foster care my microchipped pets, until we are reunited. I would happily pay the bill. If I were killed, I would at least like to see a little time go by, before my beloved pet is adopted. Understand shelters don’t know the status of the owner, but, in the meantime, isn’t anyone setting up a central site for missing pets from the tornado disaster, microchipped or not! Someone in each local disaster site needs to come to the rescue and report dead or alive animals found. ps when registering your pet on a microchip site, always good to list a caregiver if you are deceased.

  13. Lynne says:

    After further investigation, (google pet shelters for tornado victims) it appears the ball is rolling to help the 4 legged victims of this disaster. Many have facebook, web pages and hotlines to report a lost or found pet. For now, nationwide we need to help humans and pets by donating to Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, the shelters most active, etc. Regardless, I don’t like seeing any pet, puppy or adult, adopted without the knowledge or consent of their owner. The answer is to identify and foster care in relatively nearby and untouched communities, until the owner is back on their feet. Best of luck to all.

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