BOURNE, Mass. (AP) — Bourne residents are considering a proposal that would effectively kill plans for a wind turbine project there.

New Generation Wind is proposing seven turbines in a section of town called Bournedale.

But the Cape Cod Times reports a proposed bylaw amendment includes a provision to increase the required space between homes and turbines to a distance the New Generation plans don’t meet.

A spokesman for New Generation, Greg O’Brien, said the changes are inequitable and have “no rational basis.”

Jim Potter, president of Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy, the amendment’s sponsor, said they’re not trying to keep all turbines out of Bourne, but turbines don’t belong next to neighborhoods.

The amendment will be discussed at a public hearing Friday and voted on May 9.


Information from: Cape Cod Times

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  1. emom says:

    Lets see, FOLKS scream they want better energy measures. they want greener energy sources, cleaner energy sources, eco friendly energy sources., YET this,,, people scream NO WAY NOT IN MY BACK YARD… OK where do you propose they put them so that THEY benifit you.,, I mean if they put them on the mountains of NEW HAMPSHIRE we here in massachusetts WILL NOT benifit from them at all.,,,, I look at this as a great and wonderful benifit to our futures energy problem… , If folks are concerned with the ECO SYSTEM… then please explain in detail so as the rest of us that support them can understand,, cause honestly I see potential But I dont Understand the concern,,, If they are over 50 miles out to sea how can it harm humans, further more How can it harm the eco system,,, I am seeing potential for sea creatures to have places to live, creating artificial reefs per say.. They were to be put in non shiping lanes so no fears there and they can be put in areas that would not be in swimming lanes for the whales ,, satilites can see this.. as for on the land well HULL has 2 of them and lets see, it benifits them greatly,.,,, I would love to hear from people from HULL on the pros and cons,,,, lets get the facts from those that have them near them…………………………….

  2. antigreen says:

    emom – They are not “50 miles out to sea” – this is apparently not the Cape Wind project. They are to be “in a section of town called Bournedale.”. And since the propsed bylaw increases “the required space between homes and turbines”, it appears to be right near some homes. Have you offered up your back yard for a turbine?

    1. BOB says:

      I live in Bourne and yes i would. It’s time for green energy. No more oil.

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