Worcester Woman Answers Door, Killed By SUV

By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

WORCESTER (CBS) – A woman hit by an SUV at her Worcester home Thursday night has died, police said.

John Pappas was going to check on his neighbor, 83 year old Rosemary Turner Thursday night to see how she was doing. He dropped in on her at least twice a week to help her out.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports

He had just knocked and Rosemary was opening the door, when he heard a harrowing sound. An SUV was flying through the air towards him. It careened over an island, across four lanes of traffic, through Rosemary’s hard and through her front door.

John jumped out of the way, but couldn’t help Rosemary. He landed on the grass, his leg throbbing. “I was just thinking my gosh, she’s in there. It’s right where she was standing.”

He was stunned when emergency crews arrived to see Rosemary Turner wheeled out on stretcher. She was calling his name. “I said you’re okay I’ll see you at the hospital.”

Turner, who was pinned under the 2008 Nissan Pathfinder for 45 minutes, was in critical condition when she was taken to UMass Medical Center, but she passed away later in the night.

The driver, Hari Dhakal, says she tried to stop, but believes his brakes failed. “There was something wrong with the break. I jammed the break. And the car didn’t stop.” He says he does not believe he was pressing the gas pedal instead of the break. Dhakal, who is getting his master’s degree, is a husband and father of two. He says he was driving to pick up his wife at the time, and drives down that road every day. He spoke about the crash, obviously upset as he walked away.

Police said alcohol was not involved in the crash, but speed may have played a factor.Officers returned to the scene to collect more evidence. They will also get a warrant to inspect the SUV’s black box, which contains information about braking, speed and acceleration. That is expected to take several weeks.


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