CAMBRIDGE (AP) – New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is heading to Harvard to discuss his hotly debated education reform proposals.

Christie will speak Friday afternoon at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education, then take questions from the audience.

Christie has won national attention for taking on public employee unions, including New Jersey’s teachers union, which opposes most of his proposals.

He wants to end lifetime teacher tenure, tie educators’ raises to student performance and speed the process for getting rid of bad teachers. The New Jersey Education Association accuses Christie of trying to force out higher-paid, experienced teachers and say he just doesn’t understand how a school works.

Christie’s trip north follows a visit to New York City early this month for a Brookings Institute-sponsored speech to education experts.

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Comments (2)
  1. NickW says:

    I love this man. I wish he would come to boston!!!

  2. Rugger7 says:

    We hate this man, and wish he would stay there!

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