ITeam: CNAs At Topsfield Nursing Home Accused Of Abusing Patients

By Kathy Curran, WBZ-TV

TOPSFIELD (CBS) – They’re appalling allegations – elderly patients hurt and verbally abused in a place that’s supposed to provide quality care.

The ITeam has discovered CNAs, certified nursing assistants, at Masconomet Health Care in Topsfield have been accused of videotaping and mocking elderly clients with dementia, texting photos of a partially naked senior from another facility and providing substandard care.

WBZ-TV’s Kathy Curran reports

Lauren Noonan says, “I just can’t believe anyone entrusted with care would do that. It appalled me, I was sick to my stomach.”

Lauren Noonan’s stomach turned because her 90-year-old aunt is a Masconomet client. According to state documents obtained by the Iteam several residents were sexually harassed and taunted, some until they were reduced to tears. Many of the allegations are so disgusting we can’t print them or put them on television. Four CNA’s were allegedly involved.

One woman was told her family didn’t love her and that’s why she was going to die in this nursing home. A man was teased that he smelled because of a medical condition and a CNA danced around another elderly man and made him hit her in the buttocks while she called him a sexy dog. The Department of Public Health cited Masconoment for several violations. Elizabeth Daake from the Department of Public Health says, “We all want safe care, effective care and appropriate care but it’s also dignity, quality of life making sure they’re in a healthy environment.”

Attorney David Hoey specializes in elder abuse and neglect. He’s troubled by the treatment of residents at Masconomet and says improper care is to blame for a life-threatening leg injury to Lauren Noonan’s aunt. Hoey says the type of fracture is usually caused from neglect. Lauren Noonan who’s a nurse says, “It’s discouraging, being a nurse myself you try to give quality care and that’s what I would expect from other nurses.”

The ITeam showed up at Masconomet searching for answers after repeated phone calls to administrator Scott Gloor weren’t returned. Gloor said he had no comment and told us to get off the property.

CNA Jen Moran was fired during the harassment investigation along with Erin Driscoll and Val Belanger.
Families hope exposing what happened will prevent the elderly from being harmed ever again.

Masconomet’s lawyer tells us they’re dedicated to safe, quality care and as soon as they became aware of what was going on they investigated, terminated the nursing assistants involved and eventually suspended the administrator and director of nursing. She also said several steps have been put in place to protect clients. The nursing home was fined about sixty-thousand dollars and the case has been referred to the Attorney General’s Office.

The state says the facility is back in compliance now. The nursing assistants involved are appealing the findings against them.

  • John

    This is horrible! I hope the CNAs involved lose thier certification.

    • Mary RN

      I hope the nurses get put in the general population of a mens prison. I’m sure they will be cared for in the same way they cared for the seniors.

  • Erica

    Those aids should be jailed. It a good thing the patients have a quality healthcare operater who moved swiftly and decisively to protect the patients!!

    • me

      anyone realize that these people are still employed in a sister nursing home?

      • Debi

        It would not suprise me that these administrators have been moved to a new facility. The Arccidi family/Whittier Health Network has done this in other cases…Yes I can attest first hand of this practice at thier sister site in Middleboro. . Admininstration is just as responsible. It is THEIR responsibility to supervise/train their staff…. clearly this was not the case here. Omisssion is just as punishable! The Arccidi family should also be made to ASSUME responsibility!

      • Sally

        Dear Me: Could you elaborate on this please….I need to know if this is true

  • Phyllis

    It’s a real shame that four low lifes would disguise themselves as credible CNA’s. Thank god Masconomet health care terminated these employees immediately! Sometimes you just don’t know who your hiring.

  • andrea Vignotto

    I am very happy to know that the facility responded very quickly and removed those that were responsible for the abuse. Those health care workers should be put in prison!

  • John D

    Okay this is disgusting! So glad Masconomet decided to keep their good name and get rid of those derelicts!

  • Nicole

    My grandmother was a patient at that facility and I was very happy with the care. I’m so sorry that these inconsiderate inhumane people took it upon themselves to dehumanize these poor defensless patients. My condolences are with the responsible workers who actually care as well as the patients involved.

  • anonymous

    It is too bad that a nursing facility in such good standing in the community is now the subject of such appalling and sad news. Over the past 6 years, I have had the privlege of working some of the finest, sincere and most caring people I have ever met I at Masconomet. I am sad and overwhelmingly disgusted that these residents that I and my colleagues have cared for so much over the years have been subjected to the horrific actions of these young monsters. The only solice we can take from this is knowing that these girls will no longer be able allowed in the building or practice again. Thank you to the administrator and the director of nursing for taking quick action. Thank you to the families that continue to entrust their loved ones in our care. I pray that within time, we will all heal from this tragedy.

  • anonymous

    Hopefully the former administrator and Director of Nursing will not be allowed back. What about the Nurse Manager and the charge RN? The report stated that some of the abuse was reported to “a nurse”. Has she/he been disciplined? Fired? Reported to the Board of Registration? Masconomet is a beautiful facility and hopefully the care will improve permanently. I know there are many there who are wonderful professionals. It is a shame that this was allowed to go on as long as it did.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing was mentioned that two of the CNA’s were also nursing students. Hopefully there will be some action taken to remove them from their programs. They do not deserve to have the privilege of being called a nurse.

  • jcc126

    Beyond disgusting. I didn’t know they were nursing students, and I echo the hope that they are booted from their programs.
    And they should all be charged with whatever felony charges apply.

  • Susan

    Abuse in a nursing home?? That is about as unusual as seeing a teacher in a school!!!! It is extremely common and do not be so quick to give kudos to management….they are aware of it and in many places…the aides run the place..The turnover for administrative staff is great..Scott Gloor has been at Sunbridge in Wakefield…the old Harborside…considered the second worst nursing home in the state at one time. administrators go from one dump to the other……HORRIBLE staff at Wakefield..look up aug 2005 or 6…..front page of Globe ..the aides practicing voodoo there ….intimidating and bullying patients is common because bascially the CNAs hate the patients and their needy care….I could go on and on…seen it, reported it and reports get thrown away…Deficiency free nursing homes? Do you believe ini the Easter Bunny? It is a game these places play and the state is aware of how they “clean up their act” until LITERALLY they walk out the door…Wake up people…these are the people that will be taking care of you…and it is only going to get worse…GUARANTEED.

    • Kathleen

      where do you get your information? Have you ever really been in to a nursing home lately in the area. Nursing facilities are literally the most regulated industry in the world. Look that up! Where abuse in nursing homes is not unheard of, it’s not quite as common as you are stating. You are not only insulting the staff who care about these people but the families that have no choice but to put there loved ones there. Don’t feed the fear that people in the community already might have of these facilities. (many of which are more like family to these residents than their own sons and daughters). Maybe take a stand and do some community service in one of these places. Then and only then are you better than if equally good as any of these nurses, aides and rehab staff that devote there time love and care to these people. They are certainly not all as horrible as you are insinuating. Any healthcare facility is only as good as their worst employee. It was deeply unfortunate that these monsters inflicted such damage but the facility acted fast and they were removed. You are being ignorant and unfair. I wonder what you do for a living.

      • susan

        Kathleen I am replying to you…First let me tell you whatever experience you have in a nursing home i could probably walk circles around you…I have a BSN and have had EXTENSIVE experience in close to 50 nursing homes from Marblehead to Mashpee…I know how they are run…Anyone that thinks that a place is “beautiful” or is in a nice town and cannot have abuse is living in wonderland…Makes NO difference..I have been to places that are not so “nice” yet a pleasure to work at because the patient-staff ratio is reasonable…and guess what? they close down because they lose money…by putting in the right staff and keeping the patient census low…Let’s say, aides from another country, south of Miami, are the worst of the lot…MANY, MANY, MANY are abusive, neglectful, lazy, have MAJOR attitudes, feel entitled and WILL NOT LISTEN TO A NURSES ORDERS!!! Oh, if you call them on that to do their job…they throw the race card at you…I have seen it all…I KNOW what I am talking about…You do not need to do much to be an administrator…and they come and go…unless a nursing home is run by the owner…forget it…it is only a matter of time before something happens and the administrator “leaves”….They are a bunch of uncaring bottom feeders pretending to give a damn…and DON’s….come on…I challenge you to contact 15 nursing homes and find a DON that has been there for more than 3 years….I have seen DON’s that were suppose to start on a date…only to not show up!!!! Then the facility scrambles to put “an interim” one in…which means sometimes contacting an agency to send “someone” over to fill in while they find another hire…a DON job is the worst in the world…Now you see why abuse is so widespread….there is great disconnection…Maybe you have worked in a facility for a long time…if so, that is all you know…and you would be sheltered…If you have never experienced any problems with management and staff, and assuming you are a nurse…then I would have to say truthfully, “I don’t believe you” .

      • Charlie

        Kathleen, I have to support Susan. I worked at 2 Nursing Homes on the south shore. For a year my co-workers and I reported abuse and neglect over and over and over again. One by one we were fired for reporting abuse, and 18 months after I was fired it continues and DPH does nothing. For 9 months we reported that a patient who had an allergy to latex and the staff who could not read english continued to use latex briefs on the patient. Her body was so raw it was bleeding. Not only did 4 aides report it to administration & DPH, the daughter reported it. DPH came in, the facility said they were aware of it and DPH moved on. Another patient who was on a puree diet, the nurse manager who was affraid the patient would lose weight insisted the aides feed him regular food. We complained to DPH, nothing happened, patient aspirated and died. Another time a patient on hospice fell out of bed, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to know she had fractured bones. They didn’t send her to the hospital, they put her on morphine and stopped food and fluids till she was put out of her misery like an animal. Don’t think for a minute DPH oversee’s these facilities, just go online and start looking up elder abuse and read some of the sad stories from family members.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe jail isn’t the answer for the CNA’s. They should be held accountable for what was done however. Maybe several hundred hours of supervised care of elderly in a dementia unit would be a start. Public apologies from them to the residents and their families would be appropriate as well. They have to live with what they did for the rest of their lives, and have to suffer the humiliation of having their families and friends know what they did.

    • susan

      An apology,….sure…if they needed their jobs..otherwise they could care less.

      • Susans fan

        Susan, you are correct on ALL accounts….Can’t fight admin., they stay in there little ivory towers and really DON’T want to know what the truth is on the worker bee floors…..Everything you’ve said is SO true….


    this is clearly a witch hunt.. i want to hear from the witness…why would you tolerate that behavior and wait so long to come forward? did u break that womans leg and trying to take eyes off you? weres the facts and evidence? what happened to a fair hearing? innocent untill proven guilty…i dont even believe the report and suprized people beleive this because some one is pretending? what a biast opinion this created for these poor innocent girls. these are lives that someone is trying to destroy..facts should be found before using a persons name.. i am outraged that there really is no justice, and disgusted how wbz jump to false conclusions

  • Maureen Hagerty

    Throw them in jail. NOW !!!!

  • Donna Y

    It is hard to imagine that a human being could do such hanius act to another human…espically a nurse. I look forward to seeing their miserable faces as they get thrown into jail. I am pleased with Masconomets swift action resolve therse issues.

  • Corey Webster

    We live in a sick world. I couldn’t even imagine trying to run a healthcare facility where the well-being of my patients rested in the hands of your typical dredge of society CNA. This is not to say all of them are bad, of course. Its sick, but they could do all the pre hire background checks possible and one simple fact remains. If the Earths population is primarily made up of morons you are guaranteed to hire a few of them as CNAs and then it’s on the facilities shoulders. It seems like a tough bushiness, but it looks like Masconomet is going above and beyond in their response and that says a lot. Respect.

  • Patricia

    Arrest, prosecute and jail time is the only acceptable course of action!!!

  • Gerry

    Are you hearing yourself!!!!!! Do you not hear the words “accusations” in this article? It sounds like the old witch trial days. You are always guilty and then burned at the stake or forced under water until you are dead. How ever if you happen to live then you must have been innocent. You are acting in the same manor. How about some common sense and stop the witch trial trash talk. Please wait until someone is found guilty of something before you look to punish someone

    • Patricia

      My Mom was in Port Rehab for five years; I know I was very vigilant in overseeing her care. I was very pleased with her care(I was there daily). I would not have hesitiated to report any staff mistreating a resident. Thankfully, this was not the case at Port. HOWEVER, I think this situation at Topsfield has been investigated and are NOT only accusations. Enough evidende was found to alarm the Arcidi family, having THEM request the investigation. The people were suspended until the investigation was finished; FIRED when the results were presented. Sorry, Gerry, you’re waaaaaaaaaay to liberal with other people’s loved ones!!!

      • Gerry

        WOW!! This is the 1st time in my life that I have ever been accused of doing or saying something liberal. Why does this article and the people ranting seem so familiar?? I seem to remember a story about someone being accused of something and no I am not talking about the Fells Acres Day Care Center in Malden MA where the accused went to jail and other’s lives were destroyed only to find out the “accusations” were not true. No, I am talking about another accused man. This man was accused of something terrible. The public cried for justice!! This man was the killed because of these accusations. They nailed him to the cross where he was left to die. To bad we still have not learned. You are judging people based on accusations.

  • Gerry

    “if you happen to die”

  • Mary

    Just another wakeup call for everyone to keep a close eye on their loved one’s in nursing facilities……….

  • karen

    the cna’s and the administrator should face jail time. community service just doesn’t cut it. this is elderly abuse in it’s most abhorrent fashion. the clients/patients have little if any defense against these “people.” 3 years ago i moved back to ny to help mom care for my dad who is in the latter stages of alzheimer’s at home. i’ve worked in all aspects of health care for over 30 yrs. there must be 0 tolerance for what happened at mascomet. there are no excuses for either level of personnel accused. with jail time, they’ll no doubt experience a little of the abuse the perpetuated or allowed to occur on their watch. any “community service” must be in the 1,000s of hours and in an activity that truly doesn’t embrace their value as “people.” justice for the victims!

  • bottomfeedinglawyer

    it looks like the nursing home acted swiftly when it found out.. you can bet the lawyers are lining up to sue…. watch which lawyer gets the cases from alledged victims……

  • anonymous

    why didn’t corporate, administrator and dns listen to the employees last years survey from the employees identified a problem with the administrator and dns.
    this could have all been avoided if all the people that where told had responded. they have taken a wonderful building and ruined it….shame on all of you

    • Susans fan

      Because admin. holds all the cards; they are in control of which paper work to keep or toss, they can delete from computers, they always shine in the end

  • anonymous

    i used to work at this facility, knew the women who are accused, and was there through most of the investigation. I witnessed so many horrific incidences that all my fellow aides and I tried to stop. Several times we were told by our charge nurses and other administrators to look the other way, taking most of our reports with out thought. it was after months of frustration for me, and years of frustration with others, that some of us cna’s decided to use a team approach to stop the abuse. it worked, as you can all now see. this was my first job as a CNA, and i never expected it to end this way. for most of my time employed there myself and others were threatened by these women, proving to me that they new exactly what they were doing was wrong, and were so unwilling to stop, that they would harass and threaten their coworkers. in my opinion jail time is the only way to stop these women. the fact that they would abuse the elderly as they did, as well as their coworkers, and in some cases even the charge nurses, proves their unwillingness to be human.

    • witch hunt

      the sad thing is this all started from a psycotic cna who didn’t like these girls…i have heard stories over the past year how this one girl in particular did not like the other girls. the accused cna’s have been together for a couple years and she was new and felt like an outcast of the accused tried to take her under her wing and help put her residents to bed but was upset that she was stepping on her me this seems like a case of an insecure girl who wasnt threatened but felt threatned..its just like the Salem Witch Trials..its sad to see that not much has changed…where are these videos and pix..why did it take so long for someone to speak out? cuz its false. where is the witness? what a bias opinion this creates and if god forbid it did become criminal (if it does there is no justice) what ever happened to a FAIR trial? how can that happened when most of you believe this nonsense. they are accused which if you didnt know means no evidence just hear say!

      • lauren

        actuall i am not….my name is lauren c if u need my phone number ill give u that too..just something i know…nice try SUSAN

      • susan

        It is pretty obvious that you are one of them…you know so much.. i.e. “I have heard stories….” “over the past year this one girl in particular did not like the other girls” “one of the accused tried to take her under her wing” etc. etc etc etc.. HOW WOULD YOU KNOW THAT???? YOU KNOW BECAUSE YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!!!!!!! And don/t you worry about a fair trial….I am sure YOU and the others will get everything you deserve by a FAIR jury….

      • fred

        maybe you should read the information in the right to know book,at the facility. there where at least ten witness statements. all interviewed individually by dph. they all told of the same stories of abuse. its hard to believe they all lied to help out a new girl. get a clue. it happen. i work there.

    • disgusted

      Wow. I don’t know who you are but you should probably get off of your soapbox. If this was going on as long as you are saying. It sounds like you really didn’t do as much as you could have. We are inserviced on abuse and neglect on a regular basis which means you know that there are anonymous call lines and other approaches you could have used in order to report this in a timely manner. If what you are saying is true than you are just as much if not more at fault than these alleged administrators and charge nurses that so eagerly (and questionably) dismissed you and your other coworkers. Congratulations for your heroic course of action. Maybe if you had been more active and diligent in your observations, some of these episodes may have been prevented. Do yourself a favor and stop portraying yourself as the hero. You KNEW you waited too long. You are just as bad as the CNA’s who abused these poor residents.

    • Gold777

      Looks like someone has a vendetta against these CNA”S. Maybe when you were in the sandbox, you did not learn the lesson of how to get along with others. So, if you do not like someone, you’ll make them PAY!!! IS THAT IT?? Now your going to throw all your co-workers under the bus. (Nice person) No wonder why your not well liked. I’m glad I did not have to work with you and hope I never will come across the likes of you.

  • anonymous

    I am going to start off by saying shame on all of you that automatically believe something to be true when it is nothing more than an allegation. For all of the naive people I am going to tell you that the definition of an allegation is “A claim or assertion that someone has done something illegal or wrong, typically one made without proof.” As far as I am concerned there are two sides to every story and the last time I checked how is it fair to find someone automatically guilty without giving them a fair chance to defend themselves? I believe it is completely possible for someone to make up allegations just because they do not like someone, it would not be the first time that it has ever happened and unfortunately I am certain it will not be the last. This could happen to anyone, it only takes one anonymous letter to the state with so called allegations (not facts) to ruin someone’s life. How would you feel if it were you and people were saying something bad about you without giving you fair a chance to defend yourself? Please stop and think about it before you write such negative comments.

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