DALLAS (AP) – A former Miss USA says a security pat down at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport left her feeling molested and violated.

Methuen native Susie Castillo, who was crowned in 2003 while representing Massachusetts, was in tears following the April 21 experience. She did a video minutes later and posted it online.

Castillo was searched while preparing to fly home to Los Angeles.

The beauty queen turned actress says she decided against doing the body scanner over concerns about exposure to radiation. Castillo says a female Transportation Security Administration worker who checked her touched her crotch area several times.

Castillo later complained and was given a TSA comment card.

TSA spokesman Luis Casanova says the screener was questioned and did the pat down correctly. Casanova apologized for any discomfort to Castillo.

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Comments (11)
  1. IronManCC says:

    Stuff like this is old news – If you want to fly, you’re subject to inspections, frisks & pat downs. If you don’t like it, take some other means of transportation. I’ve done a LOT of flying and have been subject to the process, as well as watched countless others go through the same process, and I have NEVER seen anything I would deem unnecessary or inappropriate.

  2. Peter says:

    Get over it. I am a person with an implanted medical device. I have been getting pat downs for the past eleven years. It has been so bad one time while wearing shorts and of course no shoes my bare legs were pat down along with the bottom of my bare feet. This is a normal fact of life for medically challenged people. We still travel and do what we have to. Be thankful that you do not have to have a device of any kind inside of your body that will and does set off any of those machines that you can just walk though.

  3. sullyinma says:

    You lack of IQ was exposed tih your post.

    1. sullyinma says:

      Oops. Should’ve been “with”. But, you get what I was talking about.

    2. blusto says:

      LOL…”tih”. An odd sense of humor is not evidence of a low IQ…the same cannot be said of random assumptions. Also that misspelling may be a sign of dyslexia… not that you left off a letter, but that you transposed them.

      Seriously though, the TSA screeners are some of the lowest paying positions in the government stable. Many of the positions are filled in a rush capacity so it should come as no surprise when a hottie like this comes by and says “pat me down”, that there is not some man or woman willing to take advantage of the situation.

      I wonder if the TSA screener saved the glove as a souvenir.

      PS. You reactionary post says volumes about your own IQ, but for the time being I will stay out of that urination contest!

      1. sullyinma says:

        You were too slow on the draw there bluto. I immediately caught my typo and responded as such. Nice try though.

    3. blusto says:


      Most people inflicted with the condition realize immediately when they make a mistake. I make no apology for not hanging on your every post. I am fortunate to have a job which prevents me from closely monitoring these comments. I only checked back to see it I could get a rise out of someone.

      Surprisingly…you were the only one to bite.

      Later 8^)

  4. Des says:

    I don’t understand why people are so sensitive to being touched, especially when the contact is atop clothing.

    We do not have a Constitutional right to fly. So while these security checks are inconvenient and even bothersome, they are a prerequisite if we wish to board an airplane.

  5. Ron says:

    She was so distraught that she took the time to record a video and post it online? Hmm, just checked IMDb and she has a movie coming out this year, no chance this was just an attention-grab.

  6. giselle900 says:

    get over it honey, you are just like the rest of us. If you want to fly, and that is a CHOICE, we all have to deal with it for a while….

  7. Ron789 says:

    I can see that TSA has you drinking the Kool-Aid suckers!

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