WAREHAM (AP) — A Wareham man accused of fatally stabbing two other men during an attempted robbery at a motel in town won’t face prosecution after a grand jury declined to indict him.

Twenty-year-old Richard Walling had been charged with manslaughter in the Jan. 8 deaths of 25-year-old Ryan Aponte and 35-year-old Leonard Bolia, both of Wareham.

Walling’s lawyer tells The Enterprise of Brockton the case “didn’t make any sense” because the stabbings were a clear case of self-defense.

Authorities say Aponte and Bolia wore ski masks and had a replica pellet gun when they broke into Walling’s room, and pinned his girlfriend to the wall.

Police say they found Bolia outside, while Aponte was found in the nearby woods. Both had been stabbed several times.

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Comments (5)
  1. Willow says:

    Guess we won’t have to worry about those two getting out of jail in a few months and robbing someone else, do we? Finally, justice for the victim.

  2. kgb says:

    welcome to Brockton-by-the-sea .. I mean Wareham

  3. Cynic says:

    Anyone can be CHARGED with anything.A CHARGE is just that….A Charge.
    Fortunately the Grand Jury in this case knew that.

    1. Mann says:

      Cynic, you’ve got that right. How’re you doing?

  4. Tom Drummey says:

    Good to see over zealous prosecutors being put down every now and again. It’s about time.

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