CHELSEA, Mass. (AP) — State officials are hosting its only Boston-area community meeting with immigrant advocates over a controversial federal program that checks the immigration status of  people who are arrested.

The community meeting on the program known as “Secure Communities” is planned Thursday night in Chelsea, Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick called on state officials to hold a number of meetings on the program after facing criticism from immigrant advocates over his plans to join the federal program.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement program allows arrestees’ fingerprint information to be checked against FBI criminal history records and biometrics-based immigration records kept by the Department of Homeland Security.

Tea party members who support program have vowed to attend the Chelsea meeting.

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  1. joan Hogan says:

    I think This Is a Great Idea ! To check persons arrested for their legal status In The United States. We should not shield these Individuals . I agree with Governor Patrick ! This Time.

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