BOSTON (CBS) – Who is hiring right now in Massachusetts?

Joan Cirillo is Executive Director of Operation A.B.L.E of Greater Boston, a non-profit job search organization. Cirillo says two job sectors appear to be recession-proof. They are health care and education.

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Harvard University was the biggest employer at a recent Operation A.B.L.E. job fair, with seven hundred open positions.

Patrick McBride is Director of Recruitment Services at Harvard.

“A lot of people are looking at education as solid, respectful, and generally merger-proof, ” says McBride.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030′s Mary Blake reports.

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He adds, “People in higher education tend to look after their own and they have a unified, mission-driven culture. There is also a lot of internal mobility.”

Dr. Erin Malone, a general internist at Lahey Clinic in Burlington, says internal mobility is an attractive feature of health care, too. Malone has worked at Lahey Clinic for 20 years.

“I feel very privileged to take care of patients and hopefully make a difference in their lives.”, she says.

The situation is changing somewhat in health care. Jeff Davis, Senior Vice President for Human Resources at Massachusetts General Hospital says health care is entering a period of disruption, because the way doctors and hospitals get paid is going to be changing.

“Until this gets clarified, health care providers will be cautious in their hiring,” says Davis. “But having said that, health care is a big part of the economy in Massachusetts.”

Massachusetts General Hospital has 23,000 employees and is listed as the largest employer in the state. Davis encourages prospective employees to look at the MGH job board. He says there are always openings, but the positions are very competitive.

“One thing you have to remember, hospitals are a 24/7 operation 365 days a year,” he says.

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