By Paula Ebben

BOSTON/LONDON (CBS) – The Royal wedding is drawing plenty of local interest. But two women from Marlboro are taking that interest a step further. The two always wanted to travel to England, so they planned a trip there to coincide with the Royal wedding.

WBZ-TV’s Paula Ebben talked to them

Comments (3)
  1. reese says:

    Paula: By the way, it’s Prince WILLIAM, not Prince HARRY, who is going to marry Cate Middleton. I am really surprised by how many times Paula Ebben has commente on the royal couples as Prince HARRY and Ms. Middleton.

  2. Bimbo2 says:

    Paula looked outstanding in her pink hat!!!

  3. grammarcounts says:

    While you are at it, please tell her to drop the extra syllable she’s added when she says Westminster Abbey. It’s NOT West-min-Is-ter (not like the clergy) – it’s West-min-ster

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