BROCKTON (CBS) – A Stonehill College tutor will be allowed to return to school if he wants to now that rape charges against him will be dropped.

A grand jury failed to indict Kevin Treseler, who was accused of raping an eight-year old girl he was tutoring in a Brockton public school.

Treseler’s lawyer said he’s eager to resume his education, but he’s not sure he wants to return to Stonehill.

The school released a brief statement:

“We welcome this news and the relief it must bring to Kevin and his family. We look forward to helping Kevin reintegrate into college life and to supporting him as he makes that transition, if that is his wish,” said Martin McGovern, director of Communications and Media Relations.

Comments (4)
  1. Bob Tarpey says:

    This is another Duke! The charge always seemed fraudulent to me. The name of the game-Get white males. Shame on Stonehill and the local D.A.

    1. Catherine says:

      While the man in this case and the men in Duke were both innocent of the charges against them, the cases are completely different because of the accuser. Tresseler’s accuser was 8 years old and probably scared out of her mind – she may very well have been molested by someone and used this man as a scapegoat. In the Duke case, the accuser was a college woman who should know better. She’s a perfect example of why women are so rarely believed when they claim sexual assault, not this little girl.

  2. Catherine says:

    How big of Stonehill College to allow this young man to return to school. Ridiculous. He never should have been expelled from the College to begin with unless he was found guilty of something. Now, not only has his face been splashed throughout the country as a child rapist, he has missed out on his own education. Outrageous! He should sue all involved.

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