By Paula Ebben, WBZ-TVBy Paula Ebben

BOSTON/LONDON (CBS) – It’s a pretty common story in Boston – two young people meet on a College campus, fall in love, and build a life-long romance. (It even happened to me at Boston College where I met my husband, Bill – my own “Prince William!” aawwww) And that’s how the Prince met his future Bride – on a historic campus in Scotland.

The campus of St. Andrews Univeristy in Scotland looks like the setting for a period drama, and it’s where the storybook romance of Prince William and Kate Middleton first blossomed ten years ago when they both arrived to study. They returned for the school’s 600th Anniversary Celebration this winter, and their professors still have gond memories of their former students.

Doctor John Walden teaches geography: “At one point, he was talking about his dissertation and he talked about the possibility of doing it at granny’s place by which I presume he meant Balmoral and “Granny” was obviously the Queen, so it was kind of odd in that sense but he made it easy for us.

Professor Charles Warren recalls William’s desire for normalcy: “He was very keen to ensure that his presence didn’t disrupt things , he wanted to me treated absolutely normally in all circumstances.”

Although their romance became well known on campus, Kate didn’t let it go to her head that she was dating a future King. “She integrated perfectly well with everybody else in the class,” recalls Professor Peter Hunfrey, “in fact, there was nothing disctinctive about her at all I would say, I would say she certainly didn’t behave with any airs or graces.”

No airs – despite the fact that her future Grandmother-in-Law, yes, Queen Elizabeth herself, was on hand for graduation.

Comments (4)
  1. joan says:

    Three times this morning, Paula Ebben has commented on the whereabouts of Cate Middleton and Prince “HARRY”!!!! Could someone please set her straight?? Maybe someone who knows who is getting married should have been assigned this story.

  2. sereka seegulam says:

    this is such a love story

    1. reshmi seegulam says:

      yea it is

  3. Steve says:

    Hey Joan-
    Catherine Middleton spells Kate with a K. Glass Houses my friend!

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