BOSTON (CBS) – If you had the opportunity to address the Bruins Wednesday night prior to the opening face-off of their Game 7 against the Montreal Canadiens what would you say?

Do you mention the past years if you’re Claude?

I would love to hear your thoughts… and keep it clean folks.

Here’s what I would say…

“I want to begin by saying that I’m proud of all of you for the way you fought to get back into this series. Nobody outside of this dressing room gave us a fighting chance after we got down 0-2. We battled and here we are. A chance tonight to move on and make some history.

Again, I don’t think a lot of people believe we can win this Game 7. I do boys. If you play like you have for the majority of this series, we will win.

Take a look around the room. Believe in each other. Play for each other. We’ve been through a lot together the whole season. If you care about each other and believe… we will win this hockey game.

We need to stay disciplined. We know these #$%&**% will be trying to get you to lose your poise and commit some penalties. Stay focused and disciplined boys. Play our game.

Take the game to them. Play Boston Bruins hockey. Finish your checks. Play smart. Timmy(Thomas), you’ve been the best goaltender in the NHL all season long. That will continue tonight. Z(Chara), you’ve been the best defenseman in the NHL all season. That will continue tonight. Forwards, we’ve found a way to score all season when we’ve had to. That will continue tonight.

Boys, we’ve got a chance to make our own history tonight. I like this group, you all know that. I believe in this group. It’s time to play the game of your lives. Embrace this moment. Embrace your fans. Leave everything you’ve got on the ice. Enjoy the night Boys, and make it a night that you’ll remember forever…”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens Talks With Bruins Fans Pre-Game 7

Post your pre-game speech, or words of advice, to the Bruins below in the comments section.

Comments (6)
  1. Sean O says:

    Nice Job Roche !

    Mine would be simpler:

    Win boys or your golfing tomorrow and I’m looking for a new job LOL

  2. Lisa Kosmeh Mezakowski says:

    Go B’s !! Make last night’s fiasco bring out THE BEST in you tonight! Rise above it. Don’t stoop to their level by letting them get to you as you have before. Fight back with the skill you know you have and don’t be goaded into making any penalties. It’s do or die – and you are DO-ers !! Good luck guys – tonight is yours if you play your best :)

  3. Logan says:

    “NHL…History will be made…. looking back at history we don’t have much to look for…. game 7’s not really our strong suit is it….. well that changes tonight… Forget hype, Forget the previous seasons, forget the last 6 games forget every game we’ve played against Montreal forget tomorrow…. This game is all that matters… You have all the skills you need to win you know this…. now its your job to take it to the next level… you know there gonna flop you know there gonna bleed to get the calls well let them…. thats Montreal hockey…you go play bruins hockey… Skate harder, shoot harder, hit harder play harder…. now look around the room you all want it but its not about each of you its about all of us… Everyone has to do their part and trust in each other to get it done… i know its chiche guys but play like there is no tomorrow and Thursday morning we will worry about round 2…”

  4. tremoloman says:

    Good job Dan! You got me pumped reading that speech!

  5. Nancy says:

    Go out play your game and have fun at it. Stay loose and play tough. Not much els to say. They know the importance of this game win or go golfing.

  6. GoBruins says:

    This night is what sports are about. This is reality! You are the better team. However, the better team does not always win. The team that wins is the team that plays with the most passion. The team that wins is the team that wins the individual battles. When you wake up tomorrow morning and read the paper, what do you want to see? Who will you read about? What team came ready!

    Boys, tonight you must have the attitude that you will play at your best. When you come off the ice from your shift, you should immediately start thinking about making that next shift better than the last.

    Game 7 is about character! Your true character will come out in games like this!

    No excuses tonight! If you have a bad shift, tell someone else they are playing great. That will keep you in the game.

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