Toucher & Rich again enlist the help of NESN’s Jack Edwards for everyone’s favorite game. Guess the artist of the song that “New Jack” Edwards reads. Let’s see that booty bounce!

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  1. Mike says:

    No Audio 1, Dope Beats 0

  2. Dean says:

    FYI – Go back a page to T&R page. On the bottom right there is a play button next to “Fresh New Jack”. Works from there.

  3. Matty says:

    It’s also in the list on the right under “Toucher & Rich,” just behind “April 26th Hour 2”

  4. Nick says:

    wheres the audio?

  5. jon says:

    “Thats a 5 minute major for straight frontin” needs to be cut out and downloadable. New ringtones ftw.

  6. Anthony says:

    Jack Edwards is a moron and a homer!

  7. Dean says:

    yes, yes he is a homer because he is a local announcer and his games are only heard in greater boston. as a matter of fact, he is employed by the boston bruins. how strange that he roots for them. it would kind of be weird if jack edwards rooted against the bruins.

  8. scooby666 says:

    Jack Edwards is the best! He’s a refreshing voice in an otherwise lame and neutral field of commentators. “New Jack” is a riot!

    That’s 5 for floppin!

  9. jenny says:

    How do i download it using Firefox??

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