Toucher & Rich: Fresh “New Jack” Edwards

Toucher & Rich again enlist the help of NESN’s Jack Edwards for everyone’s favorite game. Guess the artist of the song that “New Jack” Edwards reads. Let’s see that booty bounce!

  • Mario

    No Audio

  • Mike

    No Audio 1, Dope Beats 0

  • Dean

    FYI – Go back a page to T&R page. On the bottom right there is a play button next to “Fresh New Jack”. Works from there.

  • Matty

    It’s also in the list on the right under “Toucher & Rich,” just behind “April 26th Hour 2”

  • Nick

    wheres the audio?

  • jon

    “Thats a 5 minute major for straight frontin” needs to be cut out and downloadable. New ringtones ftw.

  • Anthony

    Jack Edwards is a moron and a homer!

  • Dean

    yes, yes he is a homer because he is a local announcer and his games are only heard in greater boston. as a matter of fact, he is employed by the boston bruins. how strange that he roots for them. it would kind of be weird if jack edwards rooted against the bruins.

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  • scooby666

    Jack Edwards is the best! He’s a refreshing voice in an otherwise lame and neutral field of commentators. “New Jack” is a riot!

    That’s 5 for floppin!

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  • jenny

    How do i download it using Firefox??

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