Here is a link to the AP poll cited in tonight’s report on baby boomers who once claimed youth trumped all having a convenient change of heart. Watch the piece here and have at it below.

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  1. ENUFF says:

    Boomers, change the phrase to “Don’t trust anyone over 80”.

  2. ssmillik says:

    I wish you would stop lumping “baby boomers” into one personality type. One person said “don’t trust anyone over 30”. That hardly defines the generation. And we don’t all have big egos. I really do get tired of getting lumped into a stereotype that I’m not

  3. Diane Kilgore says:

    Are Boomer centric issues relevant……..?

    Maybe a designated space for the “BOOMER BEAT” would make sense, again!

    ; )

  4. Stephen Stein says:

    Hey, by the time Jerry Rubin (to whom the quote is attributed) was over 30, he became a multi-level marketing charlatan. So maybe he was onto something.

    But seriously, I think the youth today trust their parents a lot more than we 50-somethings do. I know my kids have a better relationship with us than we did with our parents.

    I just wish Roger Daltry’s or Pete Townshend’s career would have died before it got old. (Witness the 2010 Super Bowl.)

  5. mikey says:

    You’re only as old as you feel. What time is it? 7:34 P.M. Good night.

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