A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     There are so many things happening in the month of April yet somehow I see to have lost the entire month.  Some of the excuse I concede will be chalked up to laziness, some may be chalked up to indifference to so many issues, but most of the excuse is a plea for mercy.   Remember way back in February when I was slobbering away about the incredible lack of medical attention I was gathering from doctors and hospitals in Florida.     Well it was horrific and it never did resolve my back pain issue.     As circumstances would have it, I was in Massachusetts at the time of the next “back attack” and long story short, I ended up in surgery for repair of a herniated disc (L-4).     The medical attention in Massachusetts was spectacular (thank you Lahey Clinic).   The back surgery went well.  An unrelated side issue developed and side-lined me for an additional 10-days, but all is coming back and I’m looking forward to resuming my usual rants as the month of April fades off into the sunset.

     There are many things I love about the month of April.    I was born in April, my first son was born in April, I was married in April and so many beautiful things spring to life in the month of April.   Of course there is the usual April beating many of us take from Uncle Sam but like the miseries of winter in New England, this too shall pass.

     Here’s a preview of things to come in May: Donald Trump is still an idiot!

  1. roudydowdy says:

    Glad you’re feeling better Gary. I too had L-4 herniated disk and spinal fusion (L-5 – S-1) surgery at U Mass Memorial Worcester in late December and I feel great now. I was wondering why we weren’t hearing much from you. Looking forward to your rants.

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