LAWRENCE (CBS) — Embattled Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua has issued a letter insisting he’s done nothing wrong.

The Boston Globe reported over the week that Lantigua is the subject of a federal corruption probe. Investigators are reportedly looking into his relationship with companies doing business for the city.

Lantigua claims his integrity is being called into question by anonymous sources.

In the letter released Monday on the City of Lawrence’s website, Lantigua says, “It is extremely troubling that innuendo and blog gossip have now made their way into mainstream media to discredit me. I have nothing to hide.”

Read: Mayor Lantigua’s Full Letter

Comments (4)
  1. bob says:

    How can a 7th grade dropout manage a city? He has no education. He has no idea how to manage a city. Then he blamed those allegations on “innuendo and blog gossip” meant to discredit him and the character of his administration.

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