BOSTON (CBS) — Bob Woodward rose to fame with Watergate, and he’s had a front-row seat for every presidency since Richard Nixon. Now, he’s sharing what he sees behind the scenes of the Obama White House.

Woodward has already written one book about the Obama administration and is considering a second one. He says the president is “really inexperienced,” but also says some of Mr. Obama’s critics have it all wrong.

“Obama is very much like a lawyer. People lose sight of that. They want to say he’s a leftist – he’s a centrist, right there in the middle,” Woodward told WBZ’s Jon Keller.

Jon Keller talks with Bob Woodward

Woodward says President Obama’s lawerly, risk-averse approach is facing an acid test with U.S. involvement inLibya.

“Can a war be prosecuted like a legal brief? That’s a good point, that’s an excellent point, and as a lawyer, as a law professor, he’s always balancing,” he said.

Woodward adds whether Mr. Obama can garner a second term is always on the President’s mind.

Woodward thinks Mr. Obama will have his moment over the budget deficit issue, which Woodward calls “an economic 9-11.”


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