SHIRLEY (CBS) – State and local police are searching for an escaped prisoner in and around Shirley.

Authorities say 24-year-old Tamik Kirkland of Springfield walked away from a minimum security facility at MCI Shirley just after 7:30 a.m.

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez reports.

He’s black, 5-feet-10-inches tall, and weighs 172 pounds. He has brown eyes and black hair.

According to Department of Correction spokesperson Diane Wiffin, Kirkland was serving two-and-a-half to four years for drug and weapon offenses. He was sentenced on November 19, 2009 and was eligible for parole February 15, 2012.  His release date was August 16, 2013.

“When he is apprehended he will be returned to higher custody. The DOC will work with the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office to pursue criminal charges. If Kirkland is convicted of escape his sentence could be extended,” Wiffin said in a statement.

Department of Corrections officers drove through the town showing Kirkland’s picture and description to business owners and others around town.  Those who hadn’t heard about the prison escape said they were upset police didn’t do more to reach out to residents.

Students at two local elementary schools were kept niside during recess as a precaution. The schools were not locked down, however.

Comments (26)
  1. jack handy says:

    Make sure he picks up a “box of joe” for the guards who let him slip away!

    1. Frank Williamson says:

      and a newspaper too!

    2. Tom says:

      Jack, you should find out the whole story before you comment. He probably walked away from a low-security setting. Big difference from people “letting him” escape. I’m sure if you were working there you’d have all the answers and it would never happen, right?

      1. Sharon says:

        Tom, He escaped from Medium security. I certainly hope they have someone keeping an eye on the prisoners!

      2. Thomas Hood says:

        No, he escaped from MINIMUM security not medium. There’s a huge difference.

      3. Thomas Hood says:

        Sorry, Sharon! I should read all the comments before whining ;)

  2. joni says:

    what an idiot,,didn;t have much nore time to go, now he’ll be in longer…goofball!!

  3. tom says:

    Sharon…read the says “minimum security facility”.

  4. Sharon says:

    My mistakee. Initial reports said “medium”. Sorry!

    1. Thomas Hood says:

      Please ignore my prior rant :)

  5. James M. says:

    You’re both right! It’s a medium security prison with a minimum security section.

  6. Mass Resident says:

    hey with that hair style they will catch him i have faith in Law enforcement

  7. Rocco says:

    Who cares what TYPE of prison it is. It’s a PRISON! How did this happen????!

  8. Don says:

    Lets hope he doesn’t victimize anyone while he is on the run.

  9. Brendan says:

    Damn that sucks i live ner the prison

  10. taxedout says:

    Hey these people get Lonely once in awhile, maybe he wanted to see a movie or something!!! Still can’t imagine him wanting to leave 3 squares a day, free room and board, nobody watching you, roof over your head and ME paying for it!!!If he gets caught do we have to pay his cab fare back???

  11. jay says:

    in minimum security there usually are no locks or walls- i know you can just walk out of Shirley minimum with no problems- thats why its minimum security. the good thing about this is they do not let violent criminals into minimum, that doesn’t mean its not scary or he isn’t dangerous but it also isn’t like an escapee from maximums or super max- more often than not when a ‘short-timer’ (prisoner with a little time left on his sentence) escapes its because of a family emergency- i know this through experience. they’ll be some issue that they feel they need to be there for and that’s where they get caught. i have seen it a lot in the minimum security’s. however when prisoner or people in general get desperate that’s when things become scary- there also should be better security in minimums, they could still keep their privileges they have earned for being good inmates but at least have a locked door or fence.

  12. B.Barnes says:

    I Think That If You Don’t Know The Full Story We Can’t Comment I couldn’t See A Guy With That Little Time left Just Escaping For Anything Minor Maybe Some Corruption Is Going On There or Something And He Took The Risk To Be There Messenger We Don’t Know & Will Never Know Because Were Not Him Nor In The Situation So I’ll Leave It As That

  13. Bruce says:

    First of all: The judge will probably give him one year for escape to be served concurrent with his sentence alrealy. A second minimum security is not always minimum crimes. He was in there for having two loaded weapons one of which was a machine gun.

  14. taxedout says:

    I’m thinking that Sal Di Masi will be going here!!!

  15. lu says:

    i dont know the whole story but i heard, wich very well could be just a rumor that his mother got shot in the head the night before.

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