BOSTON (CBS) — There’s a new piece of art in Boston’s South end and it recognizes the city’s unique connection to the water.

The LandWave sculpture was commissioner as part of the Neck Art Project. It’s location on Washington Street marks the spot that was known as the “neck” many years ago. It’s a narrow stretch of land that used to connect downtown Boston to the rest of the state.

New neighborhoods were eventually created by filling in the water around the “neck.”

The piece of art took 10 years and $500,000 to create.

Comments (3)
  1. NT says:

    Waste of money? Or piece of art that has already been disrespected by park goers? Seeing it daily, I argue both!

  2. alleydweller says:

    Yep only a matter of time before the skateboarders overtake it

  3. Randi Lathrop says:

    Congrats to the volunteers that fundraiserdand worked hard to have it installed in the South End.

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