COHASSET (CBS) – Two 14-year-old boys survived a violent crash early Monday morning and now they’re in serious trouble.

Cohasset police say a teen and his friend took his parents 2001 Toyota Highlander out for a drive and were speeding when they flipped over several times and crashed on Jerusalem Road just after 2 a.m.

The SUV was destroyed.

cohasset 14 Year Olds Joy Ride Ends In Violent Crash In Cohasset

(Photo courtesy: Cohasset police)

When officers arrived they found one of the boys sitting on the side of the road with minor injuries.

He told police his friend, who had been driving, ran off after the crash.

He was found about an hour later at home. He now faces several charges including unlicensed operation, speeding, driving to endanger, and leaving the scene of an accident.

The passenger was treated at South Shore Hospital and charged with using a motor vehicle without authority. The SUV belonged to his parents.

The boys names were not released because they’re juveniles.

“Seatbelts definitely saved lives in this incident,” Cohasset Police Lieutenant William Quigley said in a brief statement.

  1. emom says:

    OMG< first that god they are ok,,,, That is one mangled mss… Next what in the world where they thinking,,, 2 am ….my kid is sound asleep….. I dont get that… Thank god they used the sealtbelts….. this would have been a much different outcome. 14 really,,, this is no prank, but more of not thining clearly….. JOYRIDING……. do kids even read the news and hear of what has been going on….. things have to change with our teens… some wahy some how parents schools, police someone or all must start talking to teens and really trying to reach them in these issues… and teens need more time behind the wheel, and longer driving lessons, alone with deffencive driving, they are on the road way to early and dont seem to think about the dangers as much.. If they did we would not hear of these stories……

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