By Meteorologist Joe Joyce, WBZ-TV

After overnight showers moved through, dense fog formed during the early morning. Fog was dense in the valleys, to CT to the South Coast. Morning fog will be lifting as drier air is working back in from North to South this morning into the midday. But wow! What a marvelous morning it is! You have to love sunny Easters. Where there are low clouds in southeast MA,  expect increasing sunshine as well. Temps are already in the 50s and will quickly rise into the 60’s to near 70 this afternoon with the sun and a light west wind.

A front will stall over us today, so any sun will be fading this afternoon with skies becoming mostly cloudy. Showers will track along this front right through southern New England during the mid-later part of the afternoon. So this Easter Sunday will not be picture perfect, but a whole lot better than yesterday!

Our slow moving front will push off the coast tonight with evening showers pushing off the coast as well…leaving clouds, fog, drizzle in place after midnight. The front will remain stalled off the coast Monday so we will be on the cooler side of the front. High pressure across the Canadian border will be wrapping in cooler air with east winds off the water. This will keep temps much cooler than today, near 50 at the shore and 50’s to near 60 inland. Several weak disturbances will be riding along the front between tonight and Early Tuesday…so we have a few chances of showers really at any point thanks to the position of this front…but it will not be raining the whole time.

The ridge will begin to assert itself along the eastern seaboard heading into the midweek. Upper level SW winds will transport warmer more humid air up into the northeast, but low levelclouds and moisture will keep plenty of clouds around as well.

An area of low pressure well off the coast of the Bahamas almost became a subtropical storm the other day. It has weakened, but some of that moisture and humidity will be in play up the east coast for the midweek which will help contribute to the cloud development and the overall showers and storms late Thursday-night.

The stalled front will get on the move Tuesday in the form of a warm front and gradually push through southern New England who should be able to get into the warm sector. Temps will be all over the place as the CT river will climb into the 70’s, East MA will likely hold in the 60’s, while northern New England will likely remain on the cooler side of the front in the 50’s. Early showers will be lifting north with the front so much of Tuesday will be dry with breaking afternoon sun and the warm up just beginning.

By Wednesday, much of New England will be settling into the warm sector with temps climbing into the 70’s. Tt will be cooler at the south facing coasts. Plenty of clouds in this pattern will help to keep temps down from where they could go in full sunshine. Warmest temps will be found inland away from any marine influence.

A trough will be pushing towards the east coast with an accompanied cold front for Thursday. There is uncertainty with the speed of the front and timing of showers which will have a big impact on temps. I am leaning toward the slower Euro solution with showers/storms holding of until the end of the day into Thursday night. We should be able to squeeze out another warm on as the day of the front is always seems to be the warmest…It will be interesting to see how this plays out eventually.

Behind this front a gradual improvement with drier and a bit cooler air…still a few weak fronts Friday and Saturday…may help to create clouds or a periodic shower before increasing sunshine settles in for nest weekend.

Comments (8)
  1. JimmyJames says:

    Thanks Joe and Happy Easter to you and your family.

  2. dedubew says:

    Many thanks Joe, Barry, and all mets and bloggers. Happy Easter to all!

  3. ComfortZones says:

    Thanks for your always-very-comprehensive forecast breakdown. ‘Love the detail you provide.

  4. Matt Souza says:

    happy easter everyone and for anyone that is doing easter egg hunts outside it will be partly to mostly sunny with temps in the 60s and 70s . A light breeze. there could be an isolated shower tonight.

  5. Topkatt88 says:

    Thanks Joe!
    Happy Easter to everyone celebrating!

  6. aqua says:

    Nice Easter Sunday,some rain this week,but mild temps. HEY TOPKATT WHAT A TURN AROUND EH!!!!

    1. Topkatt88 says:

      Love these kinds of turnarounds…

  7. leo says:

    Incredible day today! Was outside all day with the kids. Got lots of sun on my face and it even had kind of a hot feel to it directly in the sun without much wind. Topkatt, how is the overall weather pattern looking for the next couple of weeks? We know how long range in the spring can be but what are you seeing? Thanks always!

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