BOSTON (CBS) – Congress has been on Easter recess this past week, but will continue wrangling over the president’s plan when they return to work on Capitol Hill.

WBZ’s Jon Keller spoke to Congressman Stephen Lynch about how potential cuts could affect us here in Massachusetts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Comments (6)
  1. mikey says:

    A trillion seconds is 32,000 years. This country is reported to have a national debt of 14.3 trillion. Who’s going to pay it back?

    Welcome to the “Twilight Zone.”

  2. ENUFF says:

    Don’t worry, Obama will form a Task Force to study the situation.

  3. taxedout says:

    How about we Cut some of You and your Buddies bennies, to help the cause, Steve???? Didn’t think so!!!!!

  4. Ajay says:

    Isn’t Mr Lynch one of those that’s been around for a long time ‘helping’ create this situation?

  5. Carl Benander says:

    I noticed that Rep. Lynch mentioned “BI-Partisan” several times. You did not call him on that, Jon, which was very disappointing. I would have been interested in how he would have answered the question. If you were so interested in Bi-partisanship, why did you pass Obamacare without even one Republican vote? Isn’t that a bit disingenuous?

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