PROVINCETOWN (CBS) – Crews rescued a right whale off the coast of Provincetown on Friday that was tangled in some rope.

The Marine Animal Entanglement Response team of the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies.

The whale is among a record number of Right whales that have made a temporary home of Cape Cod Bay.

The whale had rope through its mouth that trailed over 40-feet beyond its tail.  Marine officials say they worked for several hours to successfully free the whale.

Had they not been able to do so, the entanglement could have eventually led to the animal’s death.

Only 473 right whales are estimated to left in the entire population.

  1. Jerry Frey says:

    The world has created the crisis in the oceans through overfishing and pollution. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean there is a mass of floating plastic that kills marine life.

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