jaakob kivi Carver Officer Promoting Anti Drug Campaign, Finds 50 Bags Of Heroin

Carver police arrested Jaakob Kivi (pictured) on a warrant. During a search they found 50 bags of what is believed to be heroin. (credit: Carver police)

CARVER (CBS) – Carver police’s “Got Drugs” initiative got started a little early.

On Friday, an officer was posting informational fliers in support of the department’s upcoming campaign, when he encountered Jaakob Kivi at Carver Gas and Convenience on Tremont Street.

Kivi, a Carver resident, had an active warrant out on him.

The officer, Sgt. Joseph Ritz, arrested Kivi, and while searching him, recovered 50 bags of a substance believed to be heroin.

Ritz also recovered a set of brass knuckles and a small amount of marijuana.

Kivi now faces a number of additional charges.

He was scheduled to be arraigned at the Wareham District Court on Monday.

Comments (3)
  1. thor's hammer says:

    those who deal this poison should get an injection of it. should be no bail and a long no perks prison sentence (if he survives the encounter with the product he was pushing). active warrant, no boy scout/choir boy this. no 2nd (or more) chance. no excuses, no sympathy. i’m not overreacting – how many of you have every seen a newborn in acute drug withdrawal?

  2. rick says:

    Good job, Officer, Sgt. Ritz. Obviously this loser was already known to the police and couldn’t keep his nose clean. No one would miss this guy if he was disposed of. Although that is a sad puppy dog expression of a mug shot. Not as tough when you don’t have your brass knuckles.

  3. cblkdog says:

    Maybe that shot should be given to the person who first turned him on to it. Do you think he just woke up one morning and said “hey I Think I’ll be a low life junkie”?
    Maybe get the guy some help, even thought its probably too late, instead of wasting all the money on lthe ridiculous war on drugs.

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