BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts is helping local builders construct more energy efficient homes.

The state Department of Energy Resources announced Friday that the U.S. Department of Energy has given the state $350,000 to help pay for a program that trains builders to use thermal imaging-enhanced building methods.

The goal is to lower the energy consumption of homes.

Massachusetts is among 24 states sharing $7 million set aside for the Building Energy Codes program.

Federal officials say the program has reduced energy use and carbon pollution and saved an estimated $16 billion for U.S. consumers since it started 20 years ago.

The training is offered at a low cost to builders and is free for municipal building code officials.

The training program began earlier this month and continues throughout the year.

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  1. emom says:

    Why cant new homes be built with energy savings in mind, Put a solar panle on every roof, Put in energy efficiant heaters, windows that are triple paned, doors that are insulated, thicker insulation in the walls floors and attic, Use reclaimed materials, utilize efficiancy in any way. We are on the move with schools, BUT why cant new homes be built the same wat…….. WHY. because the manufacturees are greedy,, they promote all these great and wonderful ways home owners can save energy,,,, BUT to many can not afford their products. to outfit a home with solar panels is more than a new van, energy efficiant boilers and furnaces or water heaters can cost you more than 2 or even 3 months salary….. the windows alone would cost you a college tution…… so how would any one be able to do this…
    Now have the contractors impliment these new items into a home, there is another problem….. THE COST OF THIS FABOULOUS HOME….. what will it cost, and how many COULD AFFORD IT….. I see these homes costing well over $500 thousand closer to $800 thousand. its not cheap by any means…. The companies that make and create all the great energy efficiant products NEED to mass produce them at much better affordable prices.. that way more would embrace the items and the companies can still make a proffit cause everyone will want them….. until they are more affordable , the amount of homes with them will never grow…………….

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