Keller @ Large: Trying To Find A Movie

BOSTON (CBS) – Every few weeks, I like to try to get away from all the hubbub of the news cycle and escape with a good movie.

But it’s so hard trying to find one that doesn’t bring the news roaring back into your lap, spilling the snacks you took out a mortgage to pay for in the process.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Some of you have suggested that I try looking up the details of what’s playing instead of trying to guess what they’re about from the titles, but no offense, my system works for me.

So let’s crack open the listings and see what we have:

I wouldn’t mind seeing a good mystery thriller, but “The Adjustment Bureau” sounds like a movie about happy hour, and I don’t find that very interesting. Or maybe it’s about what baseball players do when they’re in the batter’s box. Again, not interested.

OK, here’s “Scream 4,” apparently the latest installment in a series of horror movies about local property owners who’ve seen their home values plummet reacting when they open their larger-than-ever tax bills. Sounds gruesome, not for me.

Uh-oh, here’s one to avoid, “The Conspirator.” Is this the one about how President Obama’s extended family staged an elaborate hoax to pretend he was born in Hawaii, the one about how George Bush and the Israelis conspired to bring down the twin towers on 9/11, or the one about how if you laugh, cry, sneeze and bark at the same time, you will explode? Not interested.

Here’s a possibility: “Atlas Shrugged,” the story of a family of tourists trying to negotiate the Central Artery tunnel off ramps without a GPS, a trained guide and a police escort, and winding up spending their vacation in Providence instead. I love a good comedy.

But no, in honor of the upcoming royal wedding, I think I’ll go see “Your Highness,” a movie about the royal couple living a happy life together despite the ridiculous media scrutiny and their useless royal duties. Hey – I love a good fantasy, don’t you?

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