Felger & Massarotti opened the show talking about the Boston Bruins 5-4 overtime win last night over the Canadiens in Montreal.

The Bruins have come back from being down two games to tie the series up at 2-2. The Bruins have had issues playing at the Bell Centre. How impressive is it that the Bruins were able to go up to Montreal and take two games?

Did the Bruins finally realize that they have to beat Carey Price by going top shelf?

If you can’t appreciate that game and competition last night, according to Mazz, “you suck as a human being.”

  1. john tarantino says:

    Hi Mike and Tony,
    I called into the shpw last Friday, but couldn’t provide detail ref. Montreal hockey fans booing U.S. kids in Canada.
    Please see following post from web.
    John from Abington

    Reilly, his son John, and the rest of the Brockton Boxers – a
    pee-wee team from Brockton, Mass., a working-class suburb of
    Boston – arrived by bus in Montreal last March Break for a much-anticipated week of happy revelry in the hockey mecca of
    North America.

    U.S. bombs had recently started falling on Iraq, and as the
    Brockton players and their chaperones were unloading their luggage
    outside a Montreal hotel, they were caught in the midst of a large
    anti-war protest. Their “Coach USA” bus, emblazoned with a Stars
    and Stripes logo, caught the attention of the protesters who
    swarmed past the terrified American kids, cursing and yelling at
    them, and hammering on the side of their bus.

    The next day at an NHL game in the Bell Centre, the Brockton
    Boxers heard Montreal fans boo the U.S. anthem and heckle their
    presence at the game. The group left the arena in the second
    period and drove back to the U.S., where some parents and players
    vowed never to return to Canada.

    Word of the group’s ugly experience reached the media in Brockton
    and soon made headlines across North America.

    Brian Johnson, a hockey parent in Fredericton, was so upset at the
    events he started mulling ways to make it up to the Brockton

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