Pierre McGuire of TSN and NBC joined Felger & Massarotti to discuss the Montreal Canadiens-Boston Bruins series and the NHL playoffs.

Is Tomas Kaberle hurting the Bruins power play? Is Kaberle the true puck moving defenseman the Bruins were looking for?

Does Claude Julien’s coaching style hurt the Bruins? Is Julien’s job safe if the Bruins were to lose this series?

Should the Bruins have spent more time developing Tyler Seguin?

How important are the goaltenders in the NHL playoffs?

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  1. David Francis says:

    Simple formula changes make for great dividends…no dump and chase, circulate the puck fast and bring it in. Then shoot. Crash the net. It was the very formula behind EVERY goal last night, and just about every dominating game we had during the season. Have the snipers where they need to be, and not have to rely on the defense to try and keep floating pucks in at the blue line every time.

    Why Julien can’t see this and stay with it, I have no idea…

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