By Alana Gomez, WBZ-TV
TEWKSBURY (CBS) – A Tewksbury man is recovering at home after suffering multiple stabwounds in an apparent road rage attack.

Dennis Keohane has several stitches in his arm, head, and shoulder. Keohane, 26, was stabbed six times in a violent case of road rage.

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez reports

“It could’ve been a lot worse and if it were a bigger blade I was told I could’ve died,” said Keohane from his Tewksbury home Thursday morning.

Keohane was driving with his boss on I-93N in Wilmington. That’s when he said a man started tailgating them and Keohane tapped his brakes.

“I have him a warning tap and he apparently didn’t like it,” said Keohane.

Keohane says then the man followed him off the highway and tried to confront him at an intersection.

“He got out of his car, came up beside my car, exchanged a few words and threw his phone off the side of my car,” said Keohane.

Keohane drove away and dropped his boss off at work in Tewksbury. When he got back on the road he said the other driver was waiting for him.

“We exchanged a few words got into a fistfight,” said Keohane. “I thought they were punches, I didn’t even know I was cut until I went back to tell my boss and the property owner at my job.”

When Keohane returned to his job his boss called 9-1-1. Keohane was treated at the hospital and released Wednesday morning. He said he’s recovering quickly and believes his attacker will be caught soon.

“What goes around comes around,” said Keohane.

Keohane describes the car as a dark-colored, late model Honda Civic with a gold undercarriage. He said the car also has a dent in the rear driver’s side and darkened windows.

Comments (12)
  1. DrStrangelove says:

    Oh… you got out of your car? Hmmmm. Two dummies walk into a bar…. Sorry you got stabbed, and I hope that guy gets caught. But, dude, NEVER exit your car during a road rage incident, whether it’s your road rage or someone elses– unless, of course, they’re in the car with you. Then, by all means, exit the vehicle.

  2. jaygee says:

    We have all been in that situation, without the stabbing, but rather than have it escalate into two people getting out of their cars, it’s much better to let the profanities and insults fly and then be on your way. Either that or let the person pass and just forget about it. There are times when one must understand the precise psychological moment to say or do nothing.

  3. Silent_Guru says:

    If you are involved in a road rage incidence, get out your cell phone and let the other person see it. Start taking pictures or video if your phone has that feature. Most people back off quickly when they realize that their actions are being recorded/reported.

  4. go bruins says:

    Yes guru, taking pictures and video is a brilliant move especially when being tailgated on an interstate…not!!
    Pick up the cell dial 911 and it will go right to the State Police…

  5. Ellen says:

    Um, like the Tewksbury Police station would have been a good place to face your adversary. Never get out of the car unless it’s parked outside of a police station.

  6. Thomas Doyle says:

    i live in wilmington 59 north street and for over a year i have been gang stalked online and now in the real world buy occult secret societies or the freemason that run this country the followers of aleister crowley . They follow me around and give me luciferian aleister crowley hand symbols. These people belong to the house of baal or the theosophical society and seem to run the police.

  7. Thomas Doyle says:

    So what does a person do if there being gangstalk buy freemasons or the SOUTHERN JURISDICTION and these people seem to own the police. what do you do if you have a police car stalking you. All the cop plates in wilmington have number 8 so you cant identify the officer driving. The police everywhere not just wilmington need to do a background check on all there officers and see who belongs to freemasonry/SOUTHERN JURISDICTION/ church of satan or the house of baal. One of my friends John Fish suddenly died from a brain aneurysm/ when i went ot his funeal i was violently beeped at by one of these freemason shills. The police should check if he was murdered by 32 or 999 agents.

  8. Thomas Doyle says:

    i made these comments because i drive a 2010 black honda and i get gangstalked by the church of satan or todays freemasons. The police should check if this kid was targeted by these groups or if it was just a petty road rage fight the kid should have never gotten out of the car. WBZ should do a story on secret societies gang stalking people in America

  9. MenkenlyRes says:

    дзякуй за цікавую інфармацыю

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