RAYNHAM (CBS) — Gas prices are racing toward $4 a gallon, and Raynham selectmen are asking the Attorney General to investigate if gas stations are jacking up their prices just to make a buck.

“I’m curious what that process is and what the laws are and how it can be regulated and save consumers some money,” said selectman Joe Pacheco.

WBZ-TV’s Jonathan Elias reports.

Drivers say they notice prices are going up a few cents between their morning commute and evening commute.

Ronen Drorv is a gas station owner and says the real money makers are the refineries, the government getting the tax money and credit card companies getting nearly four percent of every sale. 

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz talks with gas station owners.

“We buy gas we pay the market close,” he said.

The Attorney General’s office reminds everyone that collusion and gouging are illegal, and if someone has a complaint about this practice going on the office would like to hear about it.

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  1. emom says:

    If this is true, and its coming from the refineries, then shame on them ,,, I talk to the guys at the station, And they cant beleive the price changes so fast,,, One I had spoke with said he just had to change it after his shippment, and was told the next shippment would be going up,, How is that possible, they havent got the shippment yet,,, Another station says they watch the other stations and mark their gas around their price, maybe a bit lower to gain customers… I have to wonder what is the practic of each station…Are most getting the price about the same or is it that widely different between companies…. In my town we have at least 7 stations, about 3 of them are within a few pennies of each other ,the rest are as high as 10 – 15 cents more. thats what I want to know is why,,,, 2 of them are major companies, does not make sense…..

    1. Chris Phillips says:

      I have a friend that owns a gas station. The price he charges at the pump in only a few pennies a gallon over what he pays. For a station to make any money, they need to flow thousands of gallons. Consider what it costs them to sell it to you. The cost of the property, taxes, licenses, electricity to pump it and labor to pump it if that station is full service. The only way to make money is to flow thousands and thousands of gallons. Most are convenience stores that make money on the ancillary items that you buy, not the gas!

      The “thieves” are the companies that drill and refine! They are the ones gouging the American public. The report billions of dollars in profits. Where does that money go you ask? Out of our country forever! In my honest opinion, it’s the fleecing of America! I pay about 10% of my take home pay to commute these days. That’s atrocious! I feel bad for the folks that don’t make what I make. I can’t imagine making minimum wage and being able to live!

  2. Rob says:

    The :theieves” are not the refineries. There has been no shortage at all since the Libya crisis started, and that’s when the prices started going up. Who’s to blame? Wall Street. They think we’ll associate the Libya crisis with a shortage in oil, but there hasn’t been a single change in the supply.

  3. BOB says:

    Future headlines (again!!) — “Oil companies make record profits”

  4. eddwal50 says:

    dont blame the station owners they are the middlemen its those who are trading on the futures who are driving up the cost someone should look into those who are doing trades on the stock exchange

  5. emom says:

    Ok if the stations are changing their prices every day it seems, then it stands to reason its because tthey recieved a shippment of gas, BUT wait,,,, they dont all get a shippment every day ……………. sssoooooooooo then why are they upping their price on the gas they already bought at one price, would that not be price gouging,

  6. emom says:

    OK someone explain why a station that has not received a shippment of gas hikes their prices up before they get that shipment,,, This has happen before ,,, and when caught, where made to lower their prices… But wait after a bit they only end up rasing their prices…. I was always under the belief, that when they recieve a shipment of gas they can charge what the price they recieve it at… But if they still had gas in their tanks, and NOT getting a shipment that they were not ALLOWED to change their price Untll they recieve a new shiopment,, from what I have been hearing which I so hope its not,, that they are going by what the price for a barrel of oil is on that day,, SO if the barrell of oil goes up everyday then ,, does that give the stations to change their price accordinally,,,, I mean,, They already have a few tanks of gas at the lower price,,,,,,,, so WHY UP IT before ,,,,, is this not price gouging. isnt it…. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE SHED LIGHT TO THIS MATTER

  7. Great Solar Bear says:

    I just got $19.00 @ 3.639 /Gallon @ Atlantic Fuel (510 Cape Highway 44 West) the pump said I received 5.221 Gallons of Fuel. I know 1 thing for sure…5 Gallons in my Ford Focus does not equal 1/4 and 1/8 tank worth of fuel (I should have gotten over 1/2 a tank if not a tad more)….

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