LAWRENCE (AP) – Lawrence police have determined that there is no evidence to support Mayor William Lantigua’s claim that someone tried to run him down in a car in front of city hall last month.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports

Chief John Romero said Tuesday no charges will be filed as a result of the March 30 incident and the case is closed.

The Eagle-Tribune says the investigation report was delivered to Lantigua’s office on Tuesday.

Lantigua did not respond to the newspaper’s requests for comment.

Lantigua told police two white men in a car were watching him and an aide and taking pictures. The car then sped away, nearly striking Lantigua. He reported the incident a day later.

Witnesses told police say they saw the car, but did not see it try to run down the mayor.

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Comments (5)
  1. sullyinma says:

    Lantigua is a WACKO!!! That city was bed enough prior to him taking office. It is now in worse shape than ever. He has no clue.

    He DOES NOT deserve a 2nd term in office. Only lunatics would vote for him again.

    1. Lantigua Hater says:

      lunatics or all the Spanish people that voted for him in the first place.

  2. joe thomas says:

    Lawrence is dire need of great municipal leadership and it is clear that the current mayor is a complete incompetent who is in love with himself and the title he holds. No wonder there is now a petition drive to recall the mayor.

  3. Caroussel says:

    When he is in the DR they introduce him as the Mayor of Boston, and he just smiles and doesn’t correct them.

  4. emom says:

    This guy is in the news so much what is his deal,, now saying someone tried to run him down when they didnt,, Isnt that FRAUD,, I mean,,, we hear so many accounts of things now a says,,, BUT,, so many come out to be false stories, but they still push on with their stories… When will people see this guy is just like the rest and only wants attention and not reallyt help the town folks…. How sad…..

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