LOWELL (CBS) — Dog owners in Lowell may face some new rules after a woman was attacked last week.

City Councilor Rodney Elliott says there’s an escalating pit bull problem in the city.

Nicole Hawkins was walking down Church Street last week when she was attacked by a pit bull. A police officer and neighbors had to pry the dog off her arm.

Elliott said there have been multiple attacks in the last year and they have been talking about expanding the city ordinance to require muzzles for pit bulls.

“There are a lot of good pet owners, but we need to protect citizens,” he said.

Right now, pit bulls in Lowell only have to be muzzled if they are taken off the owner’s property.

At the beginning of the month new rules went into effect in Worcester where pit bulls require additional registration and walking proof that owners are in compliance with a new ordinance.

Comments (3)
  1. Roxanne Boucek says:

    yeah so know that my dog is dead people wanna start new laws. i shpuld have never given him to Lori. He never acted like that in the past.

  2. Jason says:

    You ever wonder why the peanalty for crack cocaine is on average 3x as severe as for powder cocaine? People view crack as a ‘black’ problem and want to keep black people incarcerated for a longer time than white people, as powder cocaine is considered a white collar drug.

    Same thing with pit bulls. Lawmakers/republicans/idiots see them as a predominately ‘black person’ (read THUG) dog and they want to punish people for being black. Had it been a lab or a GS or a rottweiler would there be a “new look at the rules”? I think not.

    what a joke. The Pit Bull was once America’s great Mascot.

    BTW i am a white suburbanite PROUD pit bull owner.

    1. Renee James says:


      You state in your comment here that you are white. It appears that you are of a different race and that is the race of ignorance. Your comment is the most ridiculous complaint I have ever had the privlage to read. Did it ever occur to you that more black people abuse crack cocaine that the powder form? What are your thoughts of Meth and how more white rural people abuse that drug and face just as harsh of a penalty? Does it really matter on who abuses what type of drug? Really? The same applies to the ownership of a canine who has the potential for aggression. Who cares if a black or white person owns that type of animal. If a aggressive animal breed is prone to attacking a human, then I’m sorry to inform you that it will be neccessary to put rules into place to prevent such attacks. You can never predict a animals behavior. Your perception of the matter is completely stupid. With that said, you must feel that your complaint holds some truth or you never would have wasted your valuable time to defend such idiodic logic. It’s people like you who bring the negativity to a race or a animal breed. Smart people of all races realize it is what it is, no matter what your race….if you own a pit bull there are going to be some stigmas that come along with it.

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