BOSTON (CBS) – The driver of a truck that clipped the left wing of a JetBlue plane at Logan Airport on Tuesday afternoon likely faces a citation, according to Massport officials.

While at the gate, the privately owned equipment truck collided with the plane as passengers got off.

Massport said a JetBlue employee should have been escorting that truck and the truck driver should not have moved without an escort. That JetBlue employee was later cited by police.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports.

“It’s something everyone has to watch very carefully,” said Bob Weiss, an air travel expert.

With more passengers and flights coming in and out of Logan, air travel experts said there’s a lot more traffic on the tarmac, including up to 10 supply trucks per flight.

“It’s kind of a madhouse. Airlines like JetBlue primarily, part of their low-cost mantra is to get planes in and out extremely quickly,” said Weiss.

Airport officials said no one was hurt. A 90-year-old woman sustained a leg injury when she fell out of her wheelchair, but officials said that allegedly occurred after the incident.

The damaged JetBlue plane is now out of service and parked in a Logan hangar.

The FAA continues to investigate.

Comments (3)
  1. Carol Anne Coughlin says:

    IIt wasn’t necessarily a women driver! Men have accidents also! The JetBlue
    employee is at fault for not watching what that truck driver was doing!! That person was reponsible for what was going on!

    1. Antonio says:

      How does a woman fall out of her wheelchair when wheel chairs are not used on the plane during deplaning an aircraft?

  2. mia says:

    They where unboarding the plane why did he get cited. The driver of the truck is the one that hit him.

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