The behind the scenes story of how Dan Rea got the Garden to fly the POW MIA flag.

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  1. Michael De Paulo says:

    Good Day. Joe “D,” president of Rolling Thunder, Inc. Massachusetts Chapter 1, explained why he was presenting the Prisoner of War, Missing in Action Flag-(POW/MIA)- to the Garden. The flag is a “National Ensign” just as “Old Glory” is. The Garden person should have refused to accept the flag if they were not going to honor it properly. ~~ Semper fi, Michael De Paulo,COM~~Rolling Thunder National, Inc.

  2. Michael De Paulo says:

    Dan, you and anyone from WBZ, who wishes to attend, are invited to join us at Rolling Thunder XXIV Sunday, May 29 Th in Washington DC. We’ll get you a ride; you’ll need a helmet and our “Honors Ceremony” on Friday evening with a “Candlelight Vigil.” We also do a program at the Navy Memorial on Saturday; we have open mess on Saturday evening and the run starts, from the North Pentagon Parking Lot on Sunday at noon sharp. Huge Pig Roast on Saturday afternoon. ~~ Michael De Paulo, COM

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