BOSTON (CBS) –After years of being an ace, Josh Beckett found himself at the back end of the Red Sox rotation to start the 2011 season.

One baseball analyst, and former Beckett teammate, feels the two-time World Series champ can return to form.

“He still has one or two stuff,” MLB Network’s Sean Casey told Gresh & Zolak on Tuesday “He has a one or two mentality too, I mean Josh Beckett is a work horse. ”

“This guy loves getting the ball every fifth day,” Casey said. “He works as hard as anyone on this team. He takes his job seriously night in and night out, but when he’s out on the mound as a teammate you love watching him pitch. Even though he struggled last year, he is still legit.”

Listen: Gresh & Zo: Sean Casey: Not Surprised At All By Lowrie’s Success

Beckett is 2-1 with a 1.80 ERA to start 2011, and has shut down the Yankees and Blue Jays in back-to-back outings. Many believe he needs to presence of veteran Jason Varitek behind the plate to have success, something Casey does not mind at all.

“If Beckett feels that strongly about having Tek back there, well Tek has to get his start here and there anyhow. So why not it be with Beckett?”

With the Red Sox season hinging on the success of their former ace, the team should not mind who Beckett prefers behind the plate. All that should matter is making sure he keeps up the Cy Young-like numbers.

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