BROOKLINE (CBS) — The Babson College student who fell five stories in an apartment building in Brookline Monday says he recognizes he is “a very blessed person.”

Robert Patrick Baird fell through a skylight in an apartment building on Beacon Street Monday, and Tuesday he was released from the hospital.

Baird said in a written statement that he was with friends watching the Boston Marathon on the roof of the building. He says they were cheering on another Babson student who was running the race. He does not give any further detail as to what led to him falling through the window.

“I am grateful that my injuries were limited and I look forward to a full recovery.  While I continue to be sore, I have begun the healing process,” he wrote.

Baird’s father, Robert M. Baird, also released a statement saying, “This was a frightening event. The consequences could have been far worse or even fatal.  Patrick’s Mom and I are thankful for all of the care and support that he has received here in the Boston area and from the Babson community.  We are fortunate that he is on course to make a full recovery.”

The younger Baird said he ran the 2009 Hartford Marathon. His father added his son will be away from school while he recovers.

Comments (4)
  1. eddwal50 says:

    so what was his blood alcohol level at the time of the fall

  2. missgal34 says:

    Why do we always assume alcohol??? It would be best to let the investigation run it’s course before we start pointing fingers. Even if he had been drinking… it is not anyone’s place to judge. Glad he is ok. :)

  3. Not Me says:

    Him and all his buddies were drinking since around 8am.

    They wrecked the inside of the building they were on the roof of.

    Alcohol in this case is not an assumption. It’s a fact.

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