BOSTON(CBS) – An event to most people, the Boston Marathon is more of a job to the elite field. 

Those racers are hoping to cash in on some of the $806,000 in prize money that’s handed out to top finishers.

Watch: Live Coverage Of The 115th Boston Marathon

The big prize, for first place in the men’s and women’s division is $150,000.

 The fastest wheelchair athletes take home $15,000 each.

Comments (5)
  1. dennis o'brien says:

    Not to sound insensitive: you would think there would be less disparity between these figures. When you consider what these “wheelchair” athletes had to do to get to this level.

  2. Belangela says:

    I’d be more radical. I’d set the price money down to $1.000 for every single division. There is too much money machine in the sport. Take what’s happening in Holland right now (Utrecht Marathon). A Kenyan racer will get only EUR 100 if he/she wins, but a racer from other nationality will get EUR 10.000. That’s a shame!

  3. Refafu says:

    Boston Marathon is gruelling and I always said I’d call a cab way b4 I get to the heart-break hill lol hahaha. $150,000 is good bread. Congrats to the winners

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