BOSTON (CBS) – Here is a list of the winners of the 115th running of the Boston Marathon.

Men’s Race

1. Geoffrey Mutai, KEN, 2:03:02

2. Moses Mosop, KEN, 2:03:06

3. Gebregziabher Gebremaria, ETH, 2:04:53

4. Ryan Hall, USA, 2:04:58

5. Abreham Cherkos, ETH, 2:06:13

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Women’s Race

1. Caroline Kilel, KEN, 2:22:36

2. Desiree Davila, USA, 2:22:38

3. Sharon Cherop, KEN, 2:22:42

4. Caroline Rotich, KEN, 2:24:26

5. Kara Goucher, USA, 2:24:52

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Men’s Wheelchair Race

1. Masazumi Soejima, JPN, 1:18:50

2. Kurt Fearnley, AUS, 1:18:51

3. Ernst Van Dyk, RSA, 1:18:51

4. Krige Shabort, USA, 1:24:22

5. Rafeal Botello Jimenez, ESP, 1:25:14

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Women’s Wheelchair Race

1. Wakako Tsuchida, JPN, 1:34:06

2. Shirley Riley, USA, 1:41:01

3. Christina Ripp, USA, 1:41:02

4. Anjali Forber-Pratt, USA, 1:53:22

5. Sandi Rush, USA, 2:09:12

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Comments (7)
  1. heather cappetta says:

    Mikayla Cappetta 8 yrs old of Hopkinton MA got this water bottle from Mutai at the Natick 15K checkpoint not knowing that he would end up winning the race and setting a record!

    Congratulations to Mikayla of Hopkinton and thanks to the Gerrard family for letting Mikayla cheer on the runners from their home!

    Sincerely, Vinnie and Heather Cappetta (Mikayla’s parents!)

    Picture available for news if contacted or 508-308-5718

  2. osean pluter says:

    Congrats on being champion of the most boring sport on earth!

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